#AGB18 Spotlight: PALS Pets

PALS Pets LogoAbstrakt is so excited to return back to PALS Pets for this year’s Give Back Day! We had such a blast last year helping out the shelter and playing with the cats and dogs!

Pals Pets is an animal shelter celebrating 26 years of helping animals in need. Their mission statement is to become an asset to pet owners and the community through:

  • Public Assistance and  education by promoting proper animal welfare
  • Spaying and neutering for pet population control
  • Finding good homes for impounded, stray, abandoned, neglected, or owner turned in pets
  • Assisting stray or lost pets until they are adopted
  • Assisting other animal rescue organizations in need

PALS is a “no-kill” shelter. Therefore a pet will always have a caring home with PALS until they are adopted. You can find your fur-ever friend on their website here!

Abstrakt Volunteers at Pals Pets

PALS Pets participated in our event last year, and Abstrakt team member John Wallace volunteered with the shelter. John brought his son, Jack (also known as “Pip Squeak”) along for the day. When John went to work that day, Jack was begging to come back with him because he had such an amazing time at Give Back day.

John and Jack cleaned dog and cat cages, did laundry, mopped floors, kept the pets occupied and made new friends. John’s favorite part of the day was when Josh Costello’s daughter, Jordyn, made friends with a pup that was afraid of men, specifically men with hats and beards – a description that fit the majority of men who volunteered.  The dog wouldn’t come out of her cage for John to clean it, but fortunately, that was no problem for Jordyn!

John said, “The enthusiasm of the kids we brought with us showed for volunteering and helping out was what touched me the most.”

We’re so excited to return to PALS Pets in just a few short weeks! If you are interested in learning more about Pals Pets, visit their website.