Your Abstrakt Team

From sales professionals to marketing experts and data analysts, our team is your team—see how we act as an extension of your business.

No matter what lead generation services you invest in at Abstrakt Marketing Group, you’ll have a team of experts on your side working hard to grow your business each and every day.

Your Outbound SDR Team

To run a successful B2B appointment setting program, you need the people and technology in place first. Do you currently have the in-house resources needed to prospect and build a sales pipeline effectively? At Abstrakt, we do. Here is the team you have access to when you invest in our Pipeline Outbound service:

  • Partner Sales Manager
  • Partner Success Manager
  • Partner Performance Manager
  • Partner Sales Representative
  • Training and Development Specialist

When you work with Abstrakt, you gain access to an entire team of professionals that is fully equipped with the tools needed to grow your business.

Your Inbound SDR Team

At Abstrakt, we understand that outbound marketing and inbound marketing are both required to successfully grow a business. That’s why we offer website development and SEO content services to help businesses drive inbound leads.

We create conversion-focused websites. Not only will your brand be represented well, but the content and structure of your website will drive traffic and convert that traffic into leads.

Once we have a solid foundation (i.e., a finished website), we offer ongoing SEO content services. Website development is never “done.” The top ranking pages on Google are websites that continuously push out content. If you want prospects in your market to find you, you need an ongoing content marketing strategy.

Your Inbound SDR team includes the following individuals

  • Project Manager
  • Website Developer & Website Designer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Website Copywriter & Copy Editor
  • SEO Copywriter
  • Digital Strategist & Success Manager (your point of contact who will discuss results and insights with you once a month

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Your Creative Services Team

Marketing collateral design is a core service offering of ours. Not only is it included in a full Outbound SDR program, but many of our partners opt to invest in it as a standalone service. Marketing collateral is a powerful tool—it can be used to give your sales efforts a boost, you can use it on your website as a way to capture leads, or you can simply hand out physical copies to prospective customers. To develop your marketing collateral, you will work closely and collaborate with the following individuals:

  • Marketing Collateral Project Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Asset Copywriter
  • Copy Editor
  • Video Producer & Editor

Whatever your reason may be for investing in marketing collateral, you can rest assured that when you work with Abstrakt, you’ll wow potential customers.

That’s it—your Abstrakt team

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