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Our Service Industries

As St. Louis’s top outsourced sales and marketing provider, we offer effective revenue-generating solutions for businesses in all industries. With more than a decade in business, we’ve seen significant success with B2B companies in the following sectors:


Our sales development experts help accounting firms generate new leads so their internal team can focus on retaining customer satisfaction.


By outsourcing your architecture firm’s sales and marketing efforts, you can prioritize current projects while we bring new opportunities to you.


While your cleaning team sanitizes office spaces, our sales reps find new business opportunities with companies that meet your qualifications.


As your internal team prioritizes managing construction projects, our sales reps will help you line up your next big construction opportunity.


At Abstrakt, we offer businesses a variety of unique outbound sales and inbound marketing strategies to bring high-quality leads to your financial institutions.


We know how important flooring is to the health and safety of a commercial building. That’s why we want to help you find businesses that need your services.


As one of our most successful industries, our SDRs are trained to set high-quality appointments with commercial buildings that meet your ideal qualifications.


As your insurance business focuses on increasing current customer satisfaction, our sales reps will help your agents bring in qualified business opportunities.


Are you overextending your team with internal lead generation efforts? Our B2B sales experts are well-equipped to pitch your company’s IT service solutions.


Our sales development reps and marketing experts optimize your commercial landscaping sales efforts to generate predictable growth through every season.

LED Lighting

We understand how LED lighting significantly benefits businesses. Our sales and marketing experts provide lead-generating solutions that increase revenue.

L.O. Recruiting

Our loan officer recruiting lead generation program can help you discover and onboard highly experienced loan officers for your growing mortgage company.


Are you not getting the leads you want for your 3PL company? Let our sales experts discover prospects and bring them to you.


For the price of a single sales rep, your manufacturing business could gain access to sales experts that help you get business.

Material Handling

Abstrakt has all the sales tools, technologies, and experience to help you promote your material handling business effectively.

Outsourced HR

Top-notch sales processes enable outsourced HR companies to discover qualified leads and generate predictable growth.


Many commercial painting contractors rely on referrals, but it’s not an efficient way to create sustainable growth. Our sales reps help you find qualified leads.


Paving companies are always looking to take on more significant projects. Our B2B sales team can help you discover paving prospects in your target market.

Realtor Recruitment

We promote the unique differentiators your realty business has to offer. We prospect Realtors that are on the job hunt and ready to make a company switch.


In a competitive industry like roofing, finding high-quality leads can be a challenge. We seek businesses that need your roofing services now more than ever.

Security Services

Commercial security guards aim to keep business guests and employees safe at all costs. While you protect them, we’ll find your next business opportunity.

Software Companies

Our team of sales reps and marketing specialists effectively promotes your products and services so you can focus on streamlining your advanced software.

Solar Companies

While you prioritize bidding on projects and installing panels, our sales experts bring new business opportunities to you through outbound sales and inbound marketing.

How Do We Help Businesses Increase Sales?

At Abstrakt Marketing Group, we offer B2B companies a variety of inbound and outbound lead generation solutions, from B2B appointment setting to digital marketing services. Our methods of B2B sales outsourcing have been proven to be effective for businesses around the country in a wide range of industries.

Each business we collaborate with is unique in its mission, values, products, and services. We want to highlight your successes to prospective businesses and make your business stand out among a sea of competitors.

A common hesitation with outsourcing sales efforts is that B2B companies fear that sales reps sound like robots reading a script. However, our sales experts work hand in hand with your company to ensure that we represent your brand voice naturally and to your liking.

Abstrakt currently partners with more than 1500 companies across the United States—is your company next?

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