Our business growth solution has proven to be effective in a wide range of industries. We understand that each industry is distinct in its characteristics and best practices, and we use that knowledge as an asset to your lead generation strategy. Whether you’re an LED company in upstate New York, an IT provider in Nebraska or a material handling company in California, we can help grow your business. Abstrakt’s solutions are currently working for 700 companies across the country. Is yours next?


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Roofing | Outbound


Commercial Cleaning | Inbound

Featured Client Case Study

The Client

John’s Service & Sales is a family owned Residential/ Commercial HVAC company in Olesby, IL. John’s Service and Sales was started in 1962 by John E. Senica. Today, John’s is a third generation family owned business with over 40 dedicated full-time employees. Their mission is to provide customers with superior workmanship and outstanding customer service through honesty and integrity

The Challenge

John’s Service and Sales has grown their business locally through word of mouth and building relationships but did not have a true sales pipeline. They reached out to Abstrakt Marketing Group to establish a sales funnel unique to their company’s individual needs.

The Solution

John’s Service and Sales partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to achieve several goals, all of which centered on attracting the attention of decision-making executives, director-level and above. Recognizing John’s Service and Sales had various targets– owners, presidents and directors of engineering– Abstrakt developed targeted messages for the different title paths and worked with the company on calling and objection handling scenarios.

As the Pipeline program got underway, Abstrakt was proactive in uncovering opportunities and looking for trends in the calling data that could strengthen the effort. This strategy would allow John’s Service and Sales to reach new prospects while nurturing the prospects they already had in their sales pipeline.

The Results

Abstrakt created a pipeline full of data and prospects for the John’s Service and Sales team. This allowed them to have consistent meetings scheduled and appointments to go on. Abstrakt has been able to build a stronger awareness in the local market and even get John’s Service and Sales in front of current customers for other services they offer.


Accounting | Outbound


Financial | Outbound

Featured Client Case Study

“Rubino has closed $652,000 in revenue through Abstrakt appointments and referrals, much of which has been recurring work for several years.”

The Client

Rubino & Company is a large CPA firm located in Bethesda, Maryland and focuses on servicing the Washington DC area. They specialize in working with non-profit organizations and government contractor clients. They offer a full spectrum of CPA functions ranging from mergers to assistance in obtaining finance. Rubino has been the recipient of many awards including the 2010 Greater Washington Society of CPA’s Firm of the Year Award and is determined to be known for industry excellence and client satisfaction.

The Challenge

The client had a firm grip on the Washington DC market for some time, however, looking ahead, their projections were not satisfying their goals. The company realized that the influx of clients being obtained was slowing down. The client’s goal was to develop a steady flow of new clients that would allow business to grow while they still took care of their existing clients. This became a heavy burden to bear with the employees that they had. Abstrakt approached the company with a solution to enhance their prospect pool and increase their current client base, all while still meeting their current client’s needs.

The Solution

The client’s main struggle is that they needed to grow their business, thus Abstrakt implemented their business growth solution, Pipeline. Through the use of Pipeline, the client was able to let go of the issues that held them back. They now had more time to dedicate to meeting their current client’s wants and needs. Abstrakt developed a pool of well-qualified prospects that were exactly what the client was looking for. After the development of the pool, Abstrakt nurtured the company’s prospects and set appointments with the decision makers at their target companies.

The Results

After three years of partnership with the client, Abstrakt has identified over 4,000 prospective clients for the company, all of which are looking to re-evaluate their current accounting partnerships. Because of the Pipeline program, the client knows exactly when their prospects will be actively looking for their services. Thus far, the client has closed $652,000 in revenue through Abstrakt appointments and referrals, much of which has been recurring work for several years. The company has also received over 100 appointments from Abstrakt and over 70 leads on prospects that are looking to go out on a bid in the next year.


Mortgage | Outbound

Realtor Recruitment

The real estate marketplace is extremely competitive. Which means, you can’t settle for anyone less than the best on your team. How do you create a team of top producers? Abstrakt’s realtor recruitment services can help connect you.

Through our realtor recruitment program we will get your company in front of the top, full-time producing agents within the markets you do business. Our conversations are professional and discrete while delivering you answers to the most important questions:

  • What is their current working environment like?
  • What specific trends are affecting them?
  • What would encourage them to leave their current organization?

As with all of our programs, we partner with one exclusive partner within a market, consistently providing them with secured meetings, month over month.

Common recruitment criteria for our realtor recruitment program include:

  • 10 or more transactions annually
  • 3 million or more in sales annually

Loan Officer Recruitment

Abstrakt will help you find your next top-producing loan officer. Using our Outbound lead generation solution, we will help you to attract the top performers in your region, identifying the most engaged prospects available for recruitment.

We discretely connect with state licensed, self-sourcing originators within the markets you do business with. Our team will determine if those originators are currently facing any pain points within their current organization. These may include, lack of: training, support, compensation, culture and upward mobility.

We have found that originators often have these pain points that have been unaddressed within their current organization and it is only a matter of time until they begin looking elsewhere.

Our team will provide you with qualified appointments with originators that meet your search criteria. Once an appointment is set you will receive a call recording of our conversation with your prospective originator as well as all the research data collected for that originator.

Common recruitment criteria include:

  • 750K or more monthly
  • 10 or more transactions quarterly
  • State-licensed


IT | Outbound


IT | Inbound


IT | Outbound

Featured Client Case Study

The Client

Transparent Solutions is a full-service IT Consulting and Managed Services Provider out of Vancouver, Canada. For over two decades Transparent Solutions has been offering state of the art IT Solutions to support local businesses. With offerings covering the full spectrum of IT support, the goal for their clients has always been less downtime, fewer disruptions, more productivity and an increased return from technology.

The Challenge

With a client base spanning multiple industries, this client created a strong foundation to expand their business. Wanting to grow beyond their current client’s referral network, the client needed a company that knew their industry and could get them in front of more qualified opportunities. The client realized that the resources required to hire an inside sales team to prospect would be too demanding on their growing company.

The Solution

In December 2012, the client partnered with Abstrakt to handle outbound sales prospecting and sales pipeline management. Abstrakt’s Pipeline solution encompassed all of the same benefits that the client would have received with an inside sales team, without all the headaches of managing one. Abstrakt utilized the phone, email and marketing collateral to nurture prospects with a strategic, proven approach. As needs surfaced in the market, Abstrakt secured day, date and time sales appointments for the client to meet prospects and have the opportunity to win new business. By partnering with Abstrakt the client was allowed to focus not on prospecting, but service delivery and the ability to interface with qualified organizations that were a good fit.

The Results

Since implementing Pipeline, the client has seen its client base grow and are even finding new companies outside of their referral network who are interested in their services. Abstrakt has averaged 5 new appointments per month since the implementing of Pipeline and the client reports that over 15% of their appointments are going to proposal. The client has seen more than 8 new managed service clients and an estimated $40,000 per month in recurring revenue as a direct result of relationships initiated from the Pipeline process. With the planned expansion of the client’s partnership with Abstrakt in 2015, the team is looking forward to another successful year.

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