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Using a strategic process and proven sales techniques, we build predictable sales pipelines and get our exclusive partners qualified sales appointments for less than the cost of one full-time employee.

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How our Outbound BDR Process

Brings High-Quality Sales Opportunities to You

Generate a Predictable Sales Pipeline
Outbound SDR helps build predictable sales pipelines that yield sustainable results.

Build Relationships with Qualified Prospects
We nurture relationships with verified prospects that meet your ideal customer profile.

Capture the Right Leads at the Right Time
Our strategic combination of cold calling and emailing ensures we reach the best decision-maker for your business.

Launch Phase

Great data is crucial for the success of any phone and email campaign, ensuring targeted, efficient, and effective outreach. High-quality data allows precise segmentation and personalized messaging, increasing engagement and conversion. Abstrakt excels in B2B appointment setting services, providing a robust database of 125,000,000 records from top sources, refined through real-time results.

This dynamic dataset enables Abstrakt to identify the best prospects, determine optimal contact times, and predict email responsiveness. Our continually improving data offers clients a competitive edge, ensuring their campaigns are always informed by the most accurate and actionable insights. 

Email phase. Woman looking into the distance as she types on her laptop. 3 Emails per quarter, email being sent to Rose, VP of Facilities at an HVAC Maintenance company

Email Phase

Email is crucial in any B2B appointment setting campaign, providing a direct way to reach and engage potential customers. Abstrakt’s Outbound BDR service uses a three-part email series to ensure every contact is engaged at least once per quarter, maximizing touchpoints and nurturing leads.

We use multiple domains and senders to enhance deliverability and avoid spam filters. Additionally, we warm up domains to establish a positive sender reputation, boosting success rates. By sending one email every nine minutes, we replicate natural emailing rhythms, increasing engagement and avoiding bulk email triggers, resulting in a bounce rate under two percent. 

Cleansing phase. Up to 10 calls per prospect, received cold call lead from Larry Milford of EZ-Power Solutions. Smiling Man in henley wearing a headset and looking at the camera

Cleansing Phase

Goal #1
Identify Key Decision Makers

In the cleansing phase of our B2B appointment setting process, the primary goal is to accurately identify key decision makers (KDMs) and obtain their contact information for a smooth transition to the introduction phase. This involves making up to 10 contact attempts per prospect, using multiple channels to maximize reach and accuracy.

By diligently verifying and updating our data, only the most relevant leads progress to the next stage. This rigorous process enhances outreach efficiency, setting the foundation for successful engagements and conversions, ultimately driving better outcomes for our clients. 

Introduction phase. Up to 10 calls per KDM and a linked connection with an email and a landing page. Smiling businessman in suite folding arms and looking at the camera. Linkedin sales navigator

Introduction Phase

Goal #2
Qualify & Gather Sales Data

In the introduction phase of Outbound BDR, we make up to 10 attempts to ensure the target KDM’s company is a qualified sales target. We gather crucial sales data such as company size, square footage, employee count, and insights into their current situation, including existing service providers and contract statuses.

Our primary goal is to secure an appointment or, at a minimum, develop an Abstrakt quality lead. This means confirming the KDM, the company’s fit, and collecting at least three key sales data points. This thorough approach ensures well-vetted leads are primed for the next sales steps. 

Nurture Phase Image. Three calls per quarter, building and maintaining relationships. Smiling woman wearing a headset putting her hands together

Nurture Phase

Goal #3
Build Relationships

In the nurture phase of our B2B appointment setting strategy, we recognize that not every prospect is ready to engage immediately. While we’d love all leads to convert right away, many will say “no” now but “maybe” later. Therefore, a robust nurturing process is essential.

The Outbound BDR approach involves a quarterly cycle where each target company receives up to three calls and an email directing them to a tailored landing page. These consistent touches ensure we remain top-of-mind until they enter their buying cycle. Impressively, 46% of our appointments stem from this process, highlighting its significant impact. Neglecting this phase means missing substantial potential results. 

Appointment Phase image. Lead Qualification, Partner Appointment Email and Text Notification, Prospect Email Calendar Invite, Quality Assurance, Prospect Email Reminder, Partner Email and Text Reminder, Partner Post-Appointment Email Survey. Schedule Date and time appointments. Smiling woman folding her arms and looking at the camera. Several leads going into funnel for a new customer. 15-20% of AQLs turn into appointments over time. Set appointment for August 15th

Appointment Phase

Goal #4
Secure Sales Appointments

In the appointment phase of Outbound BDR, all activities culminate in developing relationships that lead to new sales meetings. Once a meeting is scheduled, it undergoes a rigorous review by our quality department to ensure it meets client standards. We record every appointment call, providing clients with the opportunity to listen and prepare. Additionally, we include all contact history and detailed notes, enhancing the client’s ability to conduct productive discussions.

To ensure a high show rate, we send timely notifications and Outlook reminders. This comprehensive approach guarantees well-prepared appointments, maximizing successful sales outcomes. 

Collateral piece delivery schedule. Landing page in month 1, Sell Sheet or Case Study in month 2, Video in months 2-5.

Landing Pages & Sales Assets

We leverage landing pages and marketing collateral to enhance the effectiveness of our B2B appointment setting services. These tools boost email open rates and provide valuable content for prospects. Clear and concise messaging about our clients’ products or services helps potential customers understand unique benefits, setting them apart from competitors.

When a prospect visits the landing page, their record is scored higher in our outbound call queue, prioritizing them for follow-up. This strategic use of landing pages increases engagement and equips our clients’ sales teams with powerful resources for more informed and persuasive sales conversations. 

Partner Results Portal

24/7 Access to Results & Activity

Each client will have access to our comprehensive online results portal, ensuring full transparency and collaboration. Through this portal, clients can review all activity at any time, monitor their sales pipeline, manage leads, and score calls.

In addition to our monthly results meetings, where we thoroughly review performance and progress, clients can also approve content and access invoices directly from the portal. This setup fosters a team approach, providing total clarity into our activities and reinforcing our commitment to our partner clients’ success. The goal is to work together seamlessly, leveraging real-time insights and feedback to continuously drive better outcomes.


It takes a full team of people and enterprise tools to effectively run our

B2B Appointment Setting Services

and generate leads for your business

While an internal sales development team may seem like the ideal solution, many small and medium-sized companies can’t afford to hire a team of high-performing sales reps or the sales tools and technologies they need for a streamlined appointment setting program.

At Abstrakt, we give our clients exclusive access to a team of outsourced SDRs who know how to use these advanced sales tools and technologies to their full potential. This ensures that each cold caller is using their time wisely without risking following a lead generation tactic that doesn’t result in a positive ROI.

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Client Success

Thousands of businesses have chosen Abstrakt Marketing Group to be their trusted lead generation partner. We can tell you about our exceptional lead generation services—but don’t just take our word for it. Read about our partners’ experiences and learn how we contribute to their success.

Paving the Way to ROI: Driving Sunland Asphalt’s Success

Sunland saw such great results from our partnership that they chose to further their investment and expand into multiple markets across the country. Through the work of our Outbound BDR team, Sunland has closed deals worth $1.26M and proposed an additional $6.9 million in business. These results showcase our ongoing commitment to enhancing Sunland’s market presence.

Revolutionizing Our HVAC Partner’s Sales Strategy for Unparalleled Success

One of the appointments we set for Armistead turned into a 3-year deal for a semi-annual preventative maintenance agreement, totaling $23,112.00. This is just a fraction of the success story; over time, Armistead has closed deals worth over $857K and has an additional $3.49M in proposed business. It’s clear that with Abstrakt’s help, Armistead’s market presence is burning brighter than ever.

Securing Monthly Recurring Revenue Deals for a Texas IT Provider

Since starting with our program, our partner has witnessed firsthand the efficacy of our methods. In just their first year, they closed 4 monthly recurring revenue deals, which ended at $100,000 for that year and made for a huge return on investment. Since then, they’ve brought on at least 3 to 4 monthly recurring revenue deals as well. Overall, they’ve made around $850,000, of which $350,000 is annual recurring revenue.


Abstrakt Marketing Group provides sales outsourcing services to help a commercial roofing contractor boost their sales. They conduct email outreach, phone follow-up, and appointment setting.

- Bill Richards, Director of Operations, Andy's Roofing 

We've had the pleasure of working with Abstrakt for many years, and we can confidently say that we adore their top-notch service. They have helped grow our business and provided us with excellent leads and closed deals. I highly recommend their services,

- Elijah Hanson, Account Manager, TeamLogic IT 

Abstrakt Marketing Group manages a commercial construction company's website and provides inbound lead generation services. The team has also helped create and expand a website portfolio of the client's work.

- Mitchel Wileczek, Business Development, Commercial Construction Company 

Still Have Questions?

B2B Appointment Setting FAQs

What determines a qualified lead?
Are your appointment setters on- or off-shore?
Where do your prospect lists come from?
Do your employees get commissions for sales meetings that result in closed business?
Do you provide a sales appointment guarantee?

What determines a qualified lead?

During the implementation stage of our partnership, we work with you to define what your ideal client looks like. We take this time to truly understand your business and pinpoint the  preferred messaging of your brand.

Are your appointment setters on- or off-shore?

Our appointment setters are all U.S.-based. Each SDR is an in-house, full-time employee of Abstrakt Marketing Group.

Where do your prospect lists come from?

Our outbound prospect lists are built from sales prospecting databases. Don't worry about providing us a list of prospects, unless you have target prospects you want our SDRs to contact and build relationships with.

Do your employees get commissions for sales meetings that result in closed business?

Our SDRs do not get commissions for successful sales meetings. They are driven to help your business succeed by setting high-quality sales appointments—all for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Do you provide a sales appointment guarantee?

Yes, appointment guarantees are available depending on your target market and the industry you serve. Speak with sales to learn more.