Meet our team of dedicated, passionate, experienced executives

Our leadership team is composed of innovative, forward-thinking professionals with extensive industry experience. All dedicated to the same mission and values, each member of our executive leadership team is committed to helping our clients’ businesses grow and, thus, our own.

Scott Scully

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Watkins

President, Abstrakt Marketing Group

Jeff Winters

Chief Revenue Officer

Alicia Haas

Chief Financial Officer

Melanie Clark

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Bahnak

Chief Talent Officer

Brian Condon

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Gooding

President, Abstrakt Cloud Solutions

Michael Carter

Executive Vice President of Talent Solutions

Amie Milner

Executive Vice President of Partner Sales

Elliot Nester

Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth

William Osburn

Executive Vice President of Partner Success

Katie Payne

Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations

Jessica Rentel

Executive Vice President of Corporate Training

Alyssa Stevenson

Executive Vice President of Inbound SDR

Michaela Wheeler

Executive Vice President of Product and Data

Sean Boudreau

Vice President of Delivery

Lee Engelhardt

Vice President of Information Technology

Neil Erker

Vice President Head of Creative

Kelsey Miller

Vice President of Salesforce Client Success

John Schwepker

Vice President of Sales

Cole Welch

Vice President of Cloud Solution Sales

Nicholas Wulf

Senior Director of Data Analytics and Vendor Relations

Patrick Cawvey

Senior Director of Human Resources

Kristopher Karsten

Senior Director of Human Resources

Carol Hagerty

Senior Director of Partner Delivery

Scott Hilmes

Senior Director of Partner Sales

Anna Crews

Senior Director of Product Development

Matthew Witte

Senior Director of Recruitment sales

Steve Dozier

Senior Executive IT Consultant

Julia Meyers


Jess Vallieres


Bridget Fleischut

Creative Director

Scott Ingberg

Creative Director / Executive Producer

Kellianne Elliott

Director of Marketing Collateral

Ryan O’Rourke

Director of Client Recruiting

James Nash

Director of Content

Katy Beene

Director of Customer Experience

Zachary Beible

Director of Digital

Brynn Diggs

Director of Digital Consulting

Douglas Yocco

Director of Digital Strategy

Daniel Beene

Director of Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture

Zachery Bayer

Director of Executive Sales

Jakob Bliss

Director of Executive Sales

Joseph Henthorn

Director of Executive Sales

Yoonjae Nam

Director of Executive Sales

Ryan Neumann

Director of Executive Sales

Jacob Schatteman

Director of Executive Sales

Mary Goetz

Director of Facilities

McKenzi Palisch

Director of Human Resources

Tyler Sprock

Director of Implementation

Michaela Tuttle

Director of New Hire Onboarding

Lindsey Morales

Director of Partner Delivery

Sebastian Marton

Director of Partner Sales

Anthony Mori

Director of Partner Sales

Kyle Bryan

Director of Partner Success

Alex DiFranco

Director of Partner Success

James McQueeny VI

Director of Partner Success

Mark Monika

Director of Partner Success

Andrew Wittmaier

Director of Partner Success

Grace Jacquot

Director of PR & Communication

Melissa McCoy

Director of Project Management

Ena Taylor

Director of Quality Assurance

Ian Suire

Director of Recruiting

Natalie Archer

Director of Sales Development

Jacob Van Hook

Director of Strategic Growth

Tony Auck

Director of Executive Sales