Identify Your Target Market

Collect Critical Sales Data

Build Awareness

Set Qualified Appointments

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Sales Assets

Pipeline Outbound helps our partners address the number one issue standing in the way of growing their revenue which is not enough leads in their sales pipeline.  Our multi-channel outbound lead generation solution utilizes phone prospecting, email marketing and a strategic business development process to accomplish four main goals: Identifying a target market, collecting critical sales data. Delivering top of mind awareness and setting more sales appointments.

Pipeline Inbound enables our partners to navigate the increasingly competitive online marketplace. Given that most consumers search the web before making decisions, it’s more important than ever for a business to show up where their prospects are searching most.  Our multi-channel inbound lead generation solution consists of web development, SEO – search engine optimization, PPC – pay per click advertising, social media management and a proven digital marketing strategy.  Our goal is to grow keyword rankings, increase website traffic and drive more leads now.

Our Sales Assets help our partners communicate their message with tools such as sales brochures, case studies, infographics and sell sheets. The assets within this package allow you to  deliver high-performing collateral that’s tailored to your prospect’s questions and pain points, at every point along the buying process.

Our alliance with Abstrakt wildly exceeded our expectations…

– Joe Bergfeld, CEO- Pittsburgh Pipe


Determine which companies are actually a fit, and provide contact information to reach qualified decision makers


We’ll reach out to the key decision makers to introduce your brand, products and services.


Long-term follow up and relationship building is the key to success. Qualified prospects will remain in the process and receive on-going communications resulting in more leads over time.


All efforts lead up to setting the appointment between you and the KDM, where an agreement can be made.


By building the right SEO friendly sitemap for your business, your web rank will increase and your chances to be found will increase dramatically. Design a blueprint by researching top keywords to ensure your website ranks as high as possible.


Your website is an essential component of a complete lead generation plan. It must perform in search engines, be easy to navigate, tell your story and effectively capture leads. Once you have built the sitemap, develop your website using copy, images and a user experience that will increase search engine results.


Improve your Organic SEO by developing ongoing relevant content every month. This will improve your chances of ranking higher versus your competitors, resulting in more web traffic, lead submissions and sales.


Our Outbound Lead Generation solution helps with the biggest problem most companies face while growing their business – building and maintaining a consistent sales pipeline. The best way to think of Abstrakt is as an outsourced service provider, for your sales pipeline.

We focus on the front end: database building, prospect identification and qualification, qualified lead nurturing and face to face sales appointments, all at a cost that’s less than one full-time employee. If you’re like most companies, your salespeople don’t have the time or are not willing to prospect for new business.

Doesn’t it make sense that they spend more time closing deals than prospecting for them? We think so, that’s why we spend 100% of our time prospecting for you.


It’s common for customers to assume they know what marketing services they need to make their websites work for them – and some do. But many don’t. Having inbound marketing set up is essential to long-term success.

Our marketing goal is simple – plan, analyze, execute, convert and measure dynamic campaigns that generate leads and build loyalty. To be successful in inbound marketing, businesses need to introduce a disciplined approach to content creation, introduce marketing automation tools that can help them nurture and score leads, and optimize how these leads flow through the sales pipeline.

Abstrakt offers the inbound solutions you’ve been looking for.

What is B2B lead generation? How do I generate more leads? Common questions – we have the answers!

B2B lead generation is the inbound and outbound marketing process of capturing the interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Quality leads are the lifeblood of any B2B company, but developing a process to increase leads can be a challenge. Fortunately, we know a process that works and leaves no room for opportunity to be lost. Our comprehensive B2B lead generation process is featured here. Using this process, inbound and outbound lead generation efforts run simultaneously, while being supported through creative services. The cohesive structure streamlines all lead generation efforts to make them more effective and valuable.  Now, don’t get too overwhelmed. It’s true that there are a lot of moving pieces, but this process will, with certainty, generate more leads for a business.

Warm, sales-ready leads for your business

Sales is all about relationships. We understand a prospecting team is responsible for building sales relationships with clients initially, while sales reps maintain and improve upon those relationships. Because of this, we ensure that our team members are highly trained and qualified to work with your company. This provides peace of mind for our clients – and upholds our mission as a business growth company. Let’s talk about how we can help your company.

Salesforce consulting
Video Production

Reach your goals, amaze your customers, and transform your business with a wide range of our Salesforce consulting services. Abstrakt Cloud Solutions will optimize your Salesforce CRM performance. Talk to us about our Salesforce Integration and Implementation options.

You have a story to tell, but is anyone listening?

Our strategy is simple: ensure your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels. We’ll craft a video strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging to reach your goals.

We offer a variety of creative services including graphic design, video production, and copywriting.  Our creative team will help our partners identify the exact tools needed to communicate their message such product videos, direct mail, tradeshow marketing materials and more.