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Professionally Crafted, High-Impact Sales Collateral to Support Your Business Growth Efforts

200,000 hours saved

85% of sales reps don’t believe they have the assets they need

10,000+ sales and marketing materials created

Average client-reported ROI is 3 to 1

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Elevate Your Sales Efforts

You’re probably overwhelmed, and we get it. You’re leading or supporting your company’s marketing efforts, creating sales assets, working 60 hours a week, and juggling a hundred different projects.

Don’t stress over perfecting your design and messaging anymore— let Abstrakt handle it all for you! We specialize in graphic design, video production, copywriting, and project management. And it’s our goal to help growing businesses establish their brand voice and effectively reach their targets.

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How Can We Provide Quality, Cost-Effective Assets?

We know how to generate quality content for a variety of industries because we did it for ourselves first. These materials supported our own growth goals, and our other sales and marketing services needed the same materials. As those services scaled, so did client demand for the exact same pieces. That’s why we started offering sales tool kits to current clients.

Now, we’re a reliable marketing partner that provides superior sales content for 1/3 of the market price. And even though we’re a fraction of the price of other comparable agencies, we quickly produce high-quality content that helps convert leads into sales. We don’t charge unnecessary fees for things you won’t use or don’t need, and our Marketing Managers are there every step of the way to help keep everything on track.

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Find out what makes us different and how we can grow your business with our all-in-one solution.

It takes a full team of people and enterprise tools to effectively run our

Creative Services

and build out marketing materials efficiently 

The good news is that we offer our solutions, people, and infrastructure at less than the cost of ONE full-time employee or our other competitors.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when you partner with us, and we want you to have total visibility and creative input. That’s why we meet with you monthly and give you rounds of revisions to perfect your marketing materials.

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