Our Values

Our mission and values guide us, but our people define us.

Ask anyone at Abstrakt what their favorite part of their job is and you’ll likely get a number of different answers; the growth opportunity, the ability to help clients grow their businesses, and attending awesome events are just a few. But more likely than not, you’ll hear something about the people.

It’s the people that make working here great, and every team member who walks through our doors knows that.

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The Branding Officer position demands a creative and positive spirit. The branding officer guides the brand of the team and the teammates and keeps the team identity at the forefront. Creative thinkers and people who strongly believe in the mission of Abstrakt would fit perfectly in this role.


This officer should have leadership skills and a profound passion for Abstrakt. The unity officer is a game-changer who keeps positive energy flowing through the team. People who may desire to manage other people in their careers would prefer this role. It takes an outgoing leader, and an organized person, to truly unify the team!


The metrics officer should be someone who is organized and diligent with their tasks. The more data savvy you are, the better! Someone who enjoys data and calculating stats would make an awesome metrics officer. Metrics officers would potentially excel in the operations department.


The Celebration Officer should be a team member who truly loves what we do and understands why we do it. People with a genuine passion for their work, their team’s success, and the company they work for will be very successful in this role. Motivation and gratification are very powerful tools that every team needs to be successful.


Development is a pillar of our culture because we believe in our people growing both personally and professionally every day. The ultimate goal of this role and pillar? To increase the quality of life of our team members through achievement, mental and physical wellness, and professional growth.

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