Growth Through Giving

Giving back and making an impact has been part of Abstrakt’s DNA since the beginning

Abstrakt Gives Back Day

Our third annual Abstrakt Give Back Day took place on Aug. 2, 2019. Abstrakt team members were granted leave during typical operational hours to volunteer at local nonprofit organizations. Our Abstrakt family kicked off our day with a breakfast in the office, and then we sent our volunteer teams off into the Greater St. Louis Area. With 330 team members, plus family members and 20 local nonprofit organizations, we had a fun-filled day of giving back.

Abstrakt Give Back Day

Charitable Matching Program

At Abstrakt, we help our team members give back to causes they’re passionate about. We match employee charitable contributions to eligible organizations dollar-for-dollar up to $100 per employee per year. Eligible organizations include, but are not limited to, colleges and universities, private and public elementary and secondary schools, arts organizations, health and human services agencies, civic groups, and environmental entities.

Charitable Leave Time

We believe that every employee should have the opportunity to go out into their community and give back. That’s why Abstrakt gives each employee eight hours of charitable leave time to be used volunteering with any of our nonprofit partners. Charitable leave time allows our team members to put their time toward a worthy cause without using a vacation day. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Want To Join a Team That Gives back?

Dragon Boat Races

Abstrakt participates in the Annual St. Louis Dragon Boat Races benefiting Operation Family Help—a Signature Healthcare Foundation. The foundation partners with physicians to make healthcare more accessible to families, and Operation Family Health offers financial assistance for healthcare costs not covered by insurance. Our team enjoys competing in the races while supporting a great cause.



Annual Adopt-a-Family

During the holiday season each year, Abstrakt connects with families in the St. Louis area by participating in the “Adopt-a-Family” program. This program benefits families that need financial assistance during the holiday season. Last winter, Abstrakt employees donated items on a family’s “wish list,” including gift cards, toys, food, bikes, and clothes.

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