#ABG18 Spotlight: Operation Food Search

Operation Food Search Logo | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsAbstrakt is excited to send another round of volunteers to Operation Food Search on the 2nd Annual Abstrakt Gives Back Day! Operation Food Search feeds 200,000 people every MONTH. (Woah).

Operation Food Search distributes more than 35 million dollars worth of food and necessities to 330 community partners in 31 Missouri and Illinois counties as well as the city of St. Louis. They see the serious hunger problem in the bi-state region as a solvable problem. They are working together with the help of their partners, volunteers, and donors to build a healthy and vibrant region.

They are a St. Louis based non-profit organization dedicated to ending hunger in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. In addition to their food services, they also impact thousands of people through their nutrition education services. They design their programs to empower families by boosting their skills and confidence for successful shopping and preparation for healthy meals.Abstrakt Volunteers at Operation Food Search

Along with their efforts to end hunger, they also focus on efforts to make sure no person goes cold during our harsh winters and that they are provided with essential personal care items. They have partnered with Kurt and Brenda Warner’s First Things First Foundation and distributed nearly 20,000 winter coats throughout the St. Louis region. They also partner with Girl Scouts in an effort to collect and distribute over one million personal care items.

Out of every dollar donated to Operation Food Search, 98 cents is devoted to programs and services.

Kimberly Cluchey volunteered at Operation Food Search last year at our 1st Annual Gives Back Day. She helped make a bagged dinner for over 1,000 families. The meal was a recipe containing pasta, seasoning, canned corn, canned beans and canned tomatoes.

Kim’s favorite part of the day was the team building experience. She said they learned some scary statistics about hunger in the St. Louis area and what touched her the most was all of the organizations and programs in place to help battle that hunger.

Kim said, “We also learned that Operation food search not only helps out in St. Louis and neighboring Illinois counties, but they are also an incubator for new and up in coming non-for profits. They help others succeed which is awesome!”

Other volunteer opportunities that they offer include: helping out in the warehouse, food distribution, cooking matters, helping out in the office, and special events. If you are interested in volunteering in your own time, follow this link.