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BBB Reviews



“Detailed, organized, and attentive group. Literally like another one of our employees bringing in new business. Pleased with every aspect of Abstrakt!”

Ally F.


“They have been a great outsourced sales group that is determined to work with your company in utilizing your voice and style to draw the attention of potential clients/customers.”

Kirk L.


“I’m very pleased with the collaborative process. They are very attentive to working together to get the results I’m looking for.”

Gary J.



“My Company has been working with Abstrakt Marketing for 4.5 years now. This relationship has been great for us. Abstrakt has a professional team that makes calls on our behalf to set quality appointments. The return on investment is incredible. Given the longevity of our relationship, we now have potential clients who reach out to Abstrakt when the are attempting to contact us. The group at Abstrakt routes them to an appropriate contact at our firm and we can hit the ground running with a very warm lead.”

Patrick C.


“What a fantastic company to do business with! They are very personable, and their marketing strategy yields fantastic returns! Super happy doing business with them, and would highly recommend.”

Tony B.


“For last 3 years, Abstrakt has played an integral role in the growth of our business.”

Sam G.



“Abstrakt is a great partner in providing qualified leads to our sales force. They work with you to learn all about your company and what differentiates you from your competitors. They take time to train and educate their staff to become a knowledgeable force on the phone making calls to secure meetings for our team. They have allowed us to focus on meeting with great prospects instead of trying to schedule those meetings. With a dedicated account manager and monthly status meetings, they’ve become a great asset to our sales process.”
Jillian B.


“This company is very knowledgeable and have fulfilled all that was promised.”
Shari D.

Google Reviews



“I have been in varying roles in sales to sales management over the last 25 years. Abstrakt really hits it out of the park with outstandiing lead generation. From the beginning of the process, to the ongoing management, they have helped us secure many opportunities we wouldn’t have had the time or resources to do it. I’ve had lead gen companies in the past that have failed miserably, Abstrakt is the true success among a crowded market of lead gen companies. There are those that promise and there are those that deliver, Abstrakt is both!”



“We’ve been using Abstrakt’s pipeline product for over a year now and are impressed with the results. Their process is efficient and has been productive beyond expectations. Their services are recommended for any business needing to prospect a large volume of B2B contacts.”

Tom C.


Abstrakt continues to exceed my expectations! We have received so many great leads and the staff are so on point and professional. Jessica Rentel has been and continues to be such a valuable resource in keeping our business up to date and Zach and Morgan are amazing at finding the right clients and scheduling appointments for our company. I am soooooooo thankful to have this group to help us out. If you need a marketing team to have your back too, this is who you need to go to. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Heather V.


Our company has used Abstrakt to generate quality appointments with local businesses in Maryland for the last 9 months. They represent us very professionally with all our prospects. They also work hard to find a need for our services, if one exists. Lastly, their communication with us is “top notch” and we always know what they are doing for us and why. We have found it to be a wonderful partnership.

Tom B.


Abstrakt continues to go beyond our expectations by far! We have established so many great leads and the staff are very professional. Sara-Joe is incredible at finding the right clients and scheduling appointments for our company. I am pleased to have this group to help us out. You will not be let down with Abstrakt Marketing!

Dawn L.


“Our partnership with Abstrakt a very positive experience.
Abstrakt Marketing Group is by far the best at what they do. The services they provide and how they provide them is very impressive and after only one month of working the program sales has increased more than in the last 6 months without them!
Their systems and processes are what set them apart from the other similar companies. However, the people are what really set them apart. The staff is professional, skilled, and easy to work with.
Client communication is fantastic, every time I need someone either by phone or by email, I have never had to phone or email them twice. We always get a fast response with clear and concise answers and/or solutions to challenges we encounter.
Abstrakt really does live up to their vision of “Always Be Growing”!”

Mike M.



“These guys are professionals. They clearly have the process of making appointments down to a science. I am an engineer by nature and simply do not have the inspirational drive these guys have to motivate their employees to do the hard work of making calls to get appointments. Our rep, Brad sounds as if he is in the next office to me to prospects when in reality he’s 300 miles away. They have (more importantly, they use) advanced call metrics and offer an easy to use web portal that allows me to check in on all movement and listen and rate all of Brad’s calls. I would recommended them.”

Nathan W.


“We are a small MSP, they have gotten us more sales meetings than we can handle. We (like many businesses) have a great product but if no one knows about it then they can’t buy it. I HATE cold calling, they do it for us. I rarely remember to follow up with lukewarm leads, they do that for us. They keep us on the top of mind for potential customers so when they have a falling out with their IT people, we are there to pick up the pieces. Our account rep (Josh) keeps on top of everything sales related so I don’t have to. I just show up at the meetings and sell our product.”

Daniel S.


“Abstrakt has been a valuable asset over the last three months since we started working with them. To date, they have generated 16 appointments of which one has already closed and three are pending.”

Pat F.


We have hired a couple people from Abstrakt’s recruiting process. I would highly recommend this company to any company that is to busy to look for good, successful people to hire. Josh & Ernest have been Amazing!

Melissa C.


“We’ve been working with Abstrakt for over a year now and they are very professional to work with. They do a great job wanting to learn about your business and listening to the feedback we provide to make them more successful in their calling. Definitely a good partner to work with!”

Ryan K.


“I have used other marketing companies in the past, and each time it has been a horrible experience. One after another until finally I found Abstrakt. Abstrakt has put together a team for my company that I can rely on. Since starting with Abstrakt my company has grown tremendously. Their professionalism gives me confidence to know they have my company in their best interest.”

M. Harms



“We have been using abstrakt for about a year. They are great to work with and really stay on top of things for you so you can focus on your core business. They listen to your Feedback and are good at pinpointing opportunities that fit your business model. We feel very fortunate having Melissa represent us.”

Dave G.


“Recently, something was brought to my attention that we felt required immediate attention. I reached out via a Google Review. With a REALLY fast turn around, John Schwepker(VP of Sales) called me and helped resolve the issue. John was extremely courteous and willing to help! If/When the need comes, John will be the first person I call for any marketing needs!”

Brandon G.


We have been relying on Abstrakt the past year or so to set quality in person appointments with the key decision makers of local businesses we’d love to have as clients. They’ve happily taken the thankless job of telemarketing and made it so much more than cold calling… and appointments are just one result of their efforts. I now have better insight into my market’s demographic & where my competition is concentrated. I once thought sales was an art… Abstrakt has proven that it is process, process, process. And theirs is one proven to work time and again.

Dom S.


“We have had mixed success (mostly disappointment) with trying to maintain an internal telemarketing team. Abstrakt has delivered on their promise to become our outsourced telemarketing team and set appointments. (Once we have appointments, our close ratio for sales is quite good. Getting the appointments has always been the challenge.) Out of the gate, Abstrakt has had success with setting appointments in our marketplace. With a few tweaks based on information gleaned from conference calls with our sales team, Abstrakt has been able to increase the number of appointments set with the right prospects – namely, the decision makers of companies that fit our desired demographic.”

Jason B.


“The Abstrakt team provided our company with a great overall experience. Our rep Brad, quickly implemented feedback to his customer engagements, easily adapted to a new call strategy, and was innovative in how he uncovered useful details that helped our company exceed our customer’s expectations. Our account manager Zach, provided detailed insight into the call metrics and always exceed my expectations in regards to the response time to my voicemail and email requests.”

Keith D.


“Abstrakt Marketing Group is more than a service, its an extension of our business.
I am proud to say that I am a customer of this service. Not only do they deliver results but they treat me like family.

I would recommend anyone to them and more importantly I would stake my reputation on it.”

Michael S.