Employee Spotlight: Michael Carter

Michael Carter began his journey at Abstrakt Marketing Group in February of 2012 as a Partner Sales Representative. As a PSR, Michael serviced multiple accounts in multiple verticals. After 3 months it was obvious that Mike was passionate about sales and was shortly promoted to Executive Sales. After spending a year in Executive Sales Mike was given the opportunity to lead a team as a Pipeline Sales Manager. After succeeding in both positions, Michael was given another opportunity for more responsibility as a Senior Sales Manager and the University Liaison for our partnership with Maryville University.

Wmichel-carterhen asked what his favorite part of working at Abstrakt Marketing Group is, Michael said the people that he works with and the ability to work with multiple industries at one time. “Abstrakt has given me the opportunity to fine tune my sales, training and management abilities.  The company has taught me humility and enhanced my entrepreneurial mindset.  I’ve experienced so many different companies and industries which has made me privy to understanding various struggles and solutions in a B2B setting.”

From working at Abstrakt over the past four and a half years, Michael says he has learned a lot but the most important lessons are that business revolves around timing and if a company is not willing to talk today it doesn’t mean they will not want to in the future, that is why keeping your brand on their mind is so important. What excites Michael most about growing a client’s business is the opportunity it creates. “Not only does it attribute to a client’s ROI, it also causes our clients to double or triple the size of their programs,” Carter says.  Another lesson Michael says he has learned is “Motivation can make a team move mountains.” From holding so many leadership positions, Michael has had to learn to successfully motivate his teams which he has down to an art now.


Michael’s favorite project he has worked on to date is Maryville University’s On-Campus Internship program. He says that seeing these students gain confidence and grow as business professionals has been truly rewarding.

Michael Carter is a wonderful asset to our company and we look forward to seeing what he will continue to bring to Abstrakt Marketing Group through his wonderful leadership and personality.