Best Places to Work: Young Professional Award Winner

How does your company specifically cater to young professionals?
We have found what millennials are looking for: rapid advancement, clear and instant communication, work-life balance, corporate responsibility and a lot of fun in the workplace. Therefore we have tailored our entire culture around those things. For instance, when someone comes in as a partner sales representative there are 10 different career paths they can go down, which has been incredibly attractive to our target recruits. They have the opportunity to stay at one organization for years instead of moving companies multiple times to get the same amount of experience.

How did the idea of tailoring your workplace to millennials come about? We realized that college graduates are ideal recruits for our partner sales representative position. We quickly learned that we needed programs that were centered around the things they’re looking for.

Is there a learning curve when motivating millennials? Absolutely, in the last year alone we have advanced leaps and bounds. We focus on this element of our business constantly. Our youngest owner is 39 years old, so this is a new concept. We’re focused on it more than anything else and it’s a key factor to our success.

Was there any kind of clash between more established employees and those of younger generations? If anything, the key aspects millennials are looking for in a career have set us down a path to develop a culture and management style that we should have anyways. We’re finding that someone at 23 years of age and someone at 50 years of age essentially want the same things, such as opportunities, work-life balance and a high-energy environment.

How have your initiatives to improve the workplace for millennials improved your bottom line? Our initiatives to improve our workplace have increased our bottom line because happy, driven and focused team members produce greater results.

Give specific examples of how your company creates opportunities for individual development and career growth for young professionals. We are having to develop people quickly because of our growth so that has set us down the path of developing better communication; daily, weekly and monthly team meetings; and ongoing professional development.

What are the most popular workplace perks for millennials? Our all-encompassing monthly themes with incentives and built-in team events are among the most popular. For example, if you walked into our office in February you would have witnessed a Mardi Gras theme. We had beads provided for different milestones, specialty drinks for Drink Cart Friday’s, a Mardi Gras breakfast and contests on the flat screens in every department.

Original article published via The St. Louis Business Journal.