11 Tips for Marketing Your Commercial Roofing Company

Do you own a B2B roofing company? Need help coming up with marketing ideas? This article is for you!

Every industry is different, which presents a unique opportunity to find the best tactics for your marketing strategy. The ideal strategy should help grow your business by building awareness, generating leads and increasing revenue. Below you’ll find 11 tips for building the perfect lead generation campaign for your commercial roofing business!

#1 Google My Business

Google My Business is an awesome tool for businesses. Once you claim your business listing on Google, you are able to include relevant information and make it easier for prospects to find your company.  50% of potential sales are lost because consumers can’t find the information they are looking for, which is why claiming your Google My Business account is crucial.

Your company’s NAP is an important component of your Google My Business profile. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone. When users search a term such as “roofing company near me,” your company’s address will help your company pop up in the search engine, as a relevant local business.

#2 Desktop and Mobile-Friendly Website

A website should be used as a lead-generating tool, not just as an online brochure. It’s important to use it as such, by making sure that it works on all devices and creating call-to-actions. These CTAs should take the user to a form, where they can leave contact information in exchange for a free offer like a demo about your roofing services.

#3 Market with Mother Nature

As a roofing contractor, you know that business increases around certain parts of the year. Amp up your advertising efforts in line with the seasons. In the fall, you could advertise your products and services that can prep a roof for the winter months. If it storms a lot in the spring in your area, then that’s the time to be top of mind for your prospective customers as they may end up needing roof repairs. Keep this in mind when creating your marketing strategy for the year!

#4 Quality Web and Blog Content

A strong content marketing strategy builds credibility and engages your prospects, so create quality content! Google Keyword Planner can help you find the long-tail keywords that potential customers may use to find a business like yours. Use keywords like, “St. Louis roofing,” or “STL roof weatherproofing” to market to local customers completing Google searches. Create blogs that have these keywords incorporated in them to provide valuable information for your audience.

#5 Social Media

Social media is a great way to market online! You can post company updates, photos of your team and engage with your audience. The more you engage with your audience on social media, the better your chances of them engaging with you by sharing your content, which will lead to reaching a larger audience.

LinkedIn is specifically an effective platform for B2B businesses. You can use it to build credibility, find people to hire and even generate leads. Have your sales team make their own professional profiles to connect with leads and show off their roofing expertise, without having to make a cold call.  

#6 Increase Referrals

Offer incentives to those who refer qualified leads to your company! This is an effective lead generation strategy tactic to strengthen existing relationships and also find new leads for your business.

#7 Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Pay-per-click advertising can be used on social media or on search engines. For example, what you see when you search for a term in Google at the top of the page include sponsored results. You will pay a set amount for each time someone clicks on your advertisement, up to a specified budget. This will affect your cost per lead,

If you target a keyword like, “St. Louis roofing company,” in your campaign and someone searches it – your business advertisement will display above Google’s search results, which could lead to more sales.

#8 Market Your Uniqueness

Why should a prospect use your company? What makes you stand out? Highlight your business’s eco-friendliness, your wide variety of options or specific features of your roofing systems. Show off how your company is better than the others!


#9 Video Content

Videos are typically more engaging than a block of text, and they ’re a great way to help your audience get to know your brand. Use Youtube to post videos of product demos, client testimonials and other content showing off your expertise!

#10 Manage Your Reputation

Do you know what your customers are saying about your business? Prospects will see these reviews and the positive experiences your customers have had. It’s important that you monitor your online reputation and respond to review – whether they’re positive or negative. Reputation management is really a form of customer service. Be tactful in your responses, as you don’t want to appear unprofessional with a rude or sarcastic response. Respond in a helpful manner to resolve the situation and prevent further damage.

#11 Before and After Photos

Who doesn’t love seeing before and after photos?! Transformation photos can be an impactful way to show prospects how effective your service is – just be sure that the images are high-quality. Use the photos to promote your business, and get a quote from the customer to share as a client testimonial!


Marketing and lead generation campaigns should never be one-size-fits-all, and that’s especially true in the roofing industry. To grow your business, utilize these tactics. If you want to go even further with your strategy, give us a call!