Our Strategic Prospecting Process

Great salespeople know that “traditional” prospecting is not enough. Is your company spending enough time identifying the right sales opportunities? 

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What Is the Goal of Strategic Prospecting?

The goal of strategic prospecting is to help salespeople identify their best sales opportunities in the most efficient way.

The process of strategic prospecting is designed to help sales teams identify, qualify, and prioritize sales opportunities and also to determine whether those sales opportunities represent new potential customers or opportunities to generate revenue from existing customers.

Our clients know what types of businesses they want to get in front of, but they’re not sure where to start. They don’t know how to build a list, obtain accurate data, or run an efficient sales process. That’s where we step in. With our process, we ask the right questions to the right prospects—and we do it at scale.

The Benefit of Strategic Prospecting

The number one benefit of strategic prospecting is increased revenue at a lower cost of acquisition. Every prospect in your sales pipeline that converts to a customer helps you grow your business. To convert more prospects into customers, you need to focus on your prospecting efforts and perfecting your processes. Which is why strategic prospecting is so important.

A few things you should consider as a part of your strategic sales prospecting process are:

  • Do you have an overall strategy?
  • What is your method of attack?
  • What is your strategy for building a prospecting list? Where do you get information for that list? How do you deem a list is good?
  • How do you find data? How do you qualify data? How do you test the data? How do you append data to fill in missing information?
  • What is the strategy for every type of scenario you encounter once you connect with someone on your prospecting list? How do you handle objections? How do you respond to someone who wants to talk to you right now about your products and services?
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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Our Strategic Prospecting Process

There are simple objectives to prospecting, but strategic prospecting involves an overall strategy and a strategy for each component. Developing a strategic prospecting plan will result in more sales leads, ultimately helping you to grow your business. Focusing on strategic prospecting, as opposed to basic prospecting, will make lead generation that much easier.

Traditional Prospecting

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Cold calling—While cold calling is a great way to get in front of your target customers, it’s unlikely that prospects will buy on the first call. A successful lead generation program must include a lead nurturing phase since most of your prospect base will agree to a meeting or buy in the nurture phase.

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Referrals—Traditionally, companies relied on referrals from existing customers to bring in new B2B sales. If you want to stay competitive, this is no longer enough to grow your business.

Sales letters—Sending out sales letters after talking with a prospect a few times used to be a great way to stay top of mind.

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Print ads and articles in publications—Print ads and content in publications was once a great way to share information about your business.

Strategic Prospecting

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Warm calling—Warm calling, or nurturing, involves sales reps following up with prospects to ensure your business stays top of mind. A CRM tool can help you keep track of prospects and design a process so that you know exactly when to follow up with customers.

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LinkedIn introduction—Today, social media can help you get in front of more potential customers without having to rely on referrals. Our marketing team at Abstrakt can reach out to qualified prospects on LinkedIn to help you grow your business.

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Email marketing—Today, email marketing has taken over. With email automation, you can send out emails instantly after speaking with prospects and provide relevant information so you stay top of mind.

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Shareworthy content—Prospects want to read share-worthy content. If you are consistently publishing quality content on your website and getting enough shares, it can help you attract new customers.

Ready to Grow
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