Roofing Expertise 

We work with commercial roofing companies across the countries, in all types of markets. We understand the disadvantages that certain climates have, along with how those can be advantages for your company! With our experience, professionalism and tenacity, we’ll get you qualified leads to increase revenue and grow your company.


Text Reminders

Opt-in to our Salesforce texting feature to receive alerts, reminders and any information you may need about upcoming appointments straight to your mobile device.

A Comprehensive Strategy

With Abstrakt, your sales and marketing efforts are aligned, making them more effective. With our comprehensive program, neither outbound nor inbound efforts will be neglected. Our dedicated team members will ensure every qualified lead is hearing and seeing your message using a variety of tactics.

24/7 Access to Your Leads

Your Salesforce portal will be accessible 24/7 for your convenience. On it, you can review call recordings, data and appointments.

Cleansed Data

We cleanse every prospect using our CRM, Salesforce so you don’t have to waste time with unqualified leads.

A Dedicated Team

All of Abstrakt’s team members that will represent your business are trained on your company based on information you provide during the implementation phase, as well as ongoing monthly meetings. Whether we’re setting appointments or creating social media posts, we aim to be as thorough as possible in order to grow your business!

Digital Strategy

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, especially with sites like Google and Facebook constantly changing their algorithms. Our team is knowledgeable on all things SEO, paid search and social media to ensure that your company is being found online. Using keyword research and an in-depth social media strategy, your prospects will be able to easily locate your business.

Web Development Services

Whether you have an existing site that could use a makeover or no site at all, our web development team can make your company a website that acts as a lead-generating machine, not just an online brochure.


Did you know that it takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect? Unfortunately, 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. With our nurture process, you can rest assured that your business will stay top-of-mind in your prospects’ minds.

Video Production

Our award-winning video production team can bring any idea to life. From motion graphics to client testimonials to still photography of your work, we have the capability to create compelling visual content at an unmatched value.

Creative Work

Whether you need sell sheets, infographics or brochures, our talented graphic design team can make effective and creative assets to accompany your sales pitch.

Sales Assets

We incorporate a series of marketing assets throughout our Pipeline Outbound sales process to achieve your business growth objectives.

We partner with commercial roofing contractors and work on building their business. We offer lead generation programs for all types of roofing companies and contractors. Whether you are a commercial or residential roofer, we have a marketing program that can help grow your business.

Each and every contractor we bring on as a client is considered a “partner”, the reason we call you a “partner” is quite simple – we put a great deal of effort, time and resources in creating a custom lead generation strategy for your business. We know that your business has distinct qualities that stand out in your market, and we’ll work to highlight those. Our goal is to grow your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.

We’re committed to our partners, which is why we practice exclusivity for each program we offer in each market across the country. This means Abstrakt only partners with one commercial roofing partner in a given area. Through a combination of our inbound and outbound lead generation services, your roofing business will become and remain, the top resource for the customers in your market.

There’s no big secret or magic trick, just a proven and effective process.

Offering value is important for any business relationship. We understand that, which is why we only use the processes and strategies that we have first tried out on our business for our customers. If it grows our business, we want it to grow yours as well. 

Of course, Abstrakt is not a roofing company. But like any business, your roofing business will benefit from our process and comprehensive lead generation strategies. We’re experienced in marketing for the roofing industry, using a multitude of tactics ranging from appointment setting to social media to web development.

Featured Client Case Study

“We’re extremely surprised – we sent this mailer out of season and to an area that never gives us business.”

–DMD Commercial Roofing

The Client

With over 40 years of experience, DMD Commercial Roofing is a family owned and operated commercial roofing company. They pride themselves on a reliable finished product, consistent communication, and a continuously clean work site. In addition to their licensed and trained commercial roofing contractors, they work with Conklin System Products to ensure durable, long-lasting results.

The Challenge

DMD Commercial Roofing reached out to Abstrakt to design and distribute a direct mail piece for roofing services in New Jersey. Their previous mailer was a costly trifold piece and was sent to 10,000 businesses in their area. This brought them a few phone calls, but no solid leads. DMD wanted to give direct mail another try as they felt there was a potential opportunity for new business with this form of marketing.

The Solution

Abstrakt utilized their expert team of designers to create a more useful and effective mailer for DMD. Abstrakt suggested a 6″ x 9″ postcard that was front and back to use for the mail piece. After they received approval of the mailer design, Abstrakt utilized their mailer and list services to create a list of top prospects to receive the mailer. Abstrakt sent the mailer as high priority and stayed within DMD’s agreed budget.

The Results

DMD Commercial Roofing received eight phone calls in the first few days of the mailer going out. One of the leads resulted in a project totaling $20,000 in revenue. The owner at DMD was immediately swamped with work from the mailer and his profits keep growing. Not only did he have great success with the mailer, but local roofing partners then reached out to DMD and asked how they, too, can do a similar mailer in their areas.

From the mailer Abstrakt designed and distributed for DMD earlier this year, the company has seen huge success. This mailer was the best performing mailer not only in their area, but for their distributor, Conklin, of the year. DMD was quoted saying, “we’re extremely surprised – we sent this mailer out of season and to an area that never gives us business.” Now, DMD is working on a second mailer with Abstrakt and has referred two other companies to use Abstrakt’s direct mail services.

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