SEO Ongoing Content

Once we develop your website  and launch it, our work doesn’t stop. Continuously adding new content and updating existing content on your site is an essential component of search engine optimization (SEO). At Abstrakt, we consistently update your website with blog content that is valuable for your customers. We also update your existing pages by adding more content and optimizing the page for SEO. When Google crawls your website and identifies new or updated content, it will help your website rank higher in search engines—putting your business in front of more eyes and introducing more quality leads.

Creating Quality Content for Your Site

When it comes to SEO best practices, fresh, high-quality content is critical. Our copywriters create great content for your website when it’s being built and each month thereafter.

As part of your Inbound Program, you’ll receive:

  • 2-4 blog posts or page refreshes per month
  • Sharing successful blogs across your social networks
  • Digital and content marketing strategies
  • Continuous SEO optimization
  • Link building services
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Blog Posts

Our blog posts are written to improve your overall search rankings, but also to entice users. We aim to write high-quality content that will engage readers while also using the very best search engine marketing tools to write intriguing, SEO-focused content.

By working closely with your Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM), you can brainstorm and strategize ideas for blogs. Blogs can be about popular industry topics and be more informative, or they can tell a story and release news about your organization. Or, if you don’t have ideas for blogs, our team can work with you to produce high-quality topics that will increase website traffic and grab the attention of readers.

SEMrush - SEO Content Marketing Tool

Our Digital Strategists and Copywriters utilize SEMrush to write quality, SEO-focused content for your website. SEMrush enables us to find highly searched keywords and optimize your content based on factors like location, target keywords, readability, and tone of voice.

Page Refreshes

When it comes to search engine marketing and making optimizations to your website, our work is never complete. Aside from adding blogs to your site on a monthly basis, we also offer page refreshes. A page refresh is essentially our team going in and optimizing an existing page. Google loves frequent updates, and the more your site’s pages are updated, the more your site gets indexed. This increases the chances of your website receiving a higher ranking in Google.

Refreshing a page may include any combination of the following activities:

  • Adding additional content to bring more value to the page
  • Adding additional keywords to add SEO value
  • Link building (internal and external links add SEO value)
  • Rewriting all or parts of the page to optimize existing content
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Content Marketing to Improve Your Online Presence

Ongoing content is essential to increase your website traffic and move your website up in search engine rankings so you can outrank competitors. The Digital Strategists, Account Managers, Copywriters, and other team members at Abstrakt aim to bring SEO value to your website by updating content frequently. By writing blogs and updating existing content, we can get your website ranking and put your business message in front of more customers. To learn more about Abstrakt’s services, schedule an appointment with Abstrakt today!

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