SEO Analysis

What’s stopping your business from ranking in the top spot of Google’s search results? With our SEO Analysis services,  we will conduct Keyword Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Market Analysis to boost your SEO strategy. An SEO analysis informs you on the biggest obstacles your site faces as well as opportunities available. By identifying these factors, we can more accurately define a strategy to resolve any issues and take advantage of the opportunities to get your site ranking.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

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Where do you rank?

Our first step is to analyze your current websites performance. By using industry leading tools like SEMrush and MOZ, we determine the following:

• Organic search value

• Branded search volume

• Non-branded search volume

• Total keywords indexed

• Total keywords in top 10 pages

SEO Metrics Research Keyword Research

Discover the best keywords for your site

Keyword analysis is used to ensure that your website and its content is providing value to your target audience.


Keyword research is a critical part of creating an effective SEO strategy. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. With Abstrakt’s Keyword and Market Analysis, you can learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, as well as more about your customers as a whole.

While getting high website traffic may appear impressive, it’s more important for you to get the right visitors. In this case, it’s quality over quantity. With keyword analysis, you’ll be able to adjust to the wants and needs of your market. The insights provided will enable you to predict shifts in market conditions and produce content that’s useful to your site visitors.

Obtaining a top spot in Google’s search ranking takes some work, but with the right strategy, your business will be easily found by qualified leads in no time. It’s critical to rank for the search terms that your target audience is using to find businesses like yours.

The task of search engine optimization may seem overwhelming, with search volume data making it seem almost impossible to break through to page one of search results for a specific Google keyword. But don’t be discouraged just yet – popular search terms actually make up less than 30% of the searches performed on the web. The other 70% is made up of long tail keywords.

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words. Search engines get such a high number of search queries each day. With long tail keywords, the search term is more specific for what the user is looking for.

For example, you might be searching for an outsourced lead generation company. You wouldn’t just search “lead,” you’d be more specific and search a long tail keyword such as “lead generation services” or “outsourced lead generation services.”

With Abstrakt Inbound Lead Generation and Keyword Analysis, search users will be able to easily find the products and services you offer to meet their needs. We’ll find relevant keywords for you to rank for in search engine results and boost your overall search engine optimization (SEO).

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

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Where do your competitors rank?

Our next step is to analyze your top five competitors websites. By analyzing these key metrics we will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to gain an advantage online.

• Competitors keywords indexed

• Total keywords in top 10 pages

• Keyword gaps between your competitors sites and yours

• Branded search volume

• Non-branded search volume

• Organic search volume

• Top performing pages

• Competitor keyword ad spend

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Market Analysis

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All Keywords Market Analysis

Our final step in the research phase is to determine what terms and phrases people are searching when looking for your products and services. The combination of data points from your site, your competitors and Google keyword research will provide us with the insight needed to build your strategy.

Market Analysis