Serenity Now: Seinfeld’s Sales Advice

It’s amazing how the simplest of things, like watching a rerun of a past TV show, can give us a lesson in improving our sales technique.  If you’re a “Seinfeld” fan, then you probably remember “The Serenity Now” episode. In a nutshell, the idea a simple phrase like “serenity now” can help you keep your emotions in check by suppressing your irritation and anger. In the sales field, it’s all about keeping a cool head and handling rejection well and this episode is a great example of how not to respond to objections.

When you’re working, it’s considered completely unacceptable to blow up at a potential customer (obviously). However, ignoring your emotions and problems can lead to just that. If you’re having a difficult time pushing your problems aside, it is only going to cause a bigger mess in the future. Talk to your department head or supervisor to address your issues earlier rather than later – because if you end up having a fit like George, you’re probably not going to have a job for long.