Quantity vs Quality in Lead Generation

Maintaining a strong pipeline of leads can seem overwhelming, especially when you feel forced to make a choice between either generating quality leads or a large quantity of leads. It’s difficult trying to decide where to place your company’s time and effort. Some choose to spend more time filtering out for better quality leads. Others spend more effort calling any lead they can find to build a larger quantity.

“70% of B2B marketers want more quality leads.” –Convince and Convert

Finding that balance seems a like an unreachable feat at times. At Abstrakt, we aim to find our clients a large quantity of quality leads for our clients through a multi-step process. These stages include identifying, cleansing, introduction, nurture and appointments.

The identifying phase creates a large pool of potential prospects, which provides the starting point for the quantity element of generating leads. Cleansing, the second stage of the process, begins to narrow these prospects down to eliminate those that would hinder the quality of the leads we provide to the client. This leads into the introduction stage, where these selected leads are contacted and given basic information about the company.

This conversation determines the next step. If the lead is interested, an appointment is set to connect clients with leads. Salesforce is an essential resource we use to make the appointment more personal to better meet the individual lead’s needs. If the lead does not have a need for the client at the time of the introduction phase, the final step of the process is nurturing. This happens over a continuous period of time, where on-going communication and relationship maintenance lie at the heart of acquiring more leads over time. Once the prospect does need the client’s services, the hope is that they will already be in the lead’s mind because of this nurture stage.

While utilizing technological resources make a significant difference, using an outsourced service provider is an invaluable asset to any company as they may have more expertise in acquiring prospects. With discipline, attention to detail and effort, we have found that a large number of leads can also be strong ones. Don’t choose between quantity and quality leads when your organization can have both!