LED Provider Uses Pipeline Lead Generation to Grow Business

Z-Light USA is a Colorado-based supplier and manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for North American markets. We focus on providing the latest high performance LED lamps to municipalities and commercial/industrial customers. Switching to LED lamps will dramatically reduce energy consumption and lighting maintenance costs compared to using incandescent and fluorescent lamps. We offer a broad range of LED lighting products to meet the needs of practically any lighting requirement.



Like their competitors, Z-Light USA was faced with the challenge of reaching new prospects while nurturing the prospects they already had in their sales pipeline. The prospecting activities that their salespeople we’re able to engage in internally just weren’t reaching broad enough. Z-Light USA had a specific message they wanted to deliver to their prospects and were unsure if an outsourced solution would be able to learn that message quickly or deliver the results they wanted. However, knowing their sales funnel needed to continually have new leads entering it in order to meet their aggressive revenue goals Z-Light USA turned to Abstrakt to help set appointments for the company’s sales consultants.


Z-Light USA partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to achieve several goals, all of which centered on attracting the attention of decision-making executives, director level and above. Recognizing that Z-Light USA had various targets– building owners, property management groups, and facility directors –Abstrakt developed targeted messages for the different title paths and worked with Z-Light USA on calling and objection handling scenarios. As the Pipeline program got underway, Abstrakt was proactive in uncovering opportunities and looking for trends in the calling data that could strengthen the effort.


Eight months into the partnership, Z-Light has $245,000 in closed business and $466,000 worth of additional proposals in their pipeline. Z-Light USA credits the program’s success to Abstrakt’s high quality Partner Sales Representatives and management staff. “Abstrakt’s proficiency in understanding our message, product, and industry fast-tracked us to discovering genuine sales opportunities that have converted into successful won projects and has grown our revenue with a significant ROI”.

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