Executive Sales Guest Blog: “Dude, Where’s My Pipeline?”

Check out Executive Sales team member Nick Bequette’s thoughts on hitting goals, maintaining a full pipeline and following a consistent process in sales:


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EKG Monitor or Typical Sales Production?

“Dude, Where’s My Pipeline?”

That’s what I always seemed to find myself asking on the first of the month in sales after a big push to hit the next bonus level.

Most salespeople have goals to hit and most companies have quotas. That’s just the reality of a life in sales. Unfortunately, that means that when crunch time comes prospecting goes out the window in favor of follow-ups, negotiations, hard closing and, in some cases, begging. As the next month/quarter/year begins the sales department is left tired, beat up, and with a severely diminished pipeline to hit the goal that just started all over (and probably went up).

Does the EKG monitor look familiar? Has your production gone up and down as your team juggles prospecting and closing?

The days of walking into a building and meeting with the owner are over. You can no longer call up a company once and expect a conversation with the CEO. Prospecting is getting harder and sales is no longer a one-person job!

Here’s the good news: prospecting is still possible. Sales can still be highly effective. When we were struggling to replicate our top producers and create a scalable sales team years ago at Abstrakt we decided on a divide and conquer approach. We took our senior reps, who had the best close rates and the most experience and kept them close to the money. Then we created a “Seal Team” of full-time appointment setters to keep their calendars full.

As a result, we ended up with a higher overall close rate, a far more consistent pipeline that was predictable and controllable, more accurate sales forecasts, and 100% retention of our best sales reps. Imagine, being able to actually count on sales projections and control growth! The Seal Team is a built-in talent pool for future top-producers that’s able to learn on the job while still contributing.

As marketing becomes more and more prevalent in the 21st century and consumers become more protective of their time, we have to divide the skill set. Let your best salespeople sell, and let the best prospectors get them in front of the right people at the right time.

After 9 years of consistent growth from 0 – 21 million dollars, we know that this strategy works. We also know that a lot of small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources to build a team, train and manage them, create a list, and maintain a CRM. That’s why we’ve made Pipeline Outbound a core part of our offering. If you’re interested in learning more about how we do this, feel free to check out our website, schedule a conversation, or send me an email at nbequette@abstraktmg.com.

Have you tried the divide and conquer method? As we enter the 2nd week of the new month, have you succeeded in rebuilding your pipeline? If you’ve already implemented this, what do you do with your time #whileweprospect?