Client Success: Stability Networks

Based out of Boise, ID., IT Consulting Firm, Stability Networks and their team use managed service and technical consulting to create strong foundations for many businesses. Travis Williams, the Vice President of Sales at Stability Networks, says their company needed a consistent approach when it came to sales and a better business development solution in place. They worked with other companies on a pay per appointment basis and it was not effective for their business.

Abstrakt has provided Travis and his team the solution they were looking for: “I don’t have to worry that we are missing a day of calls and missing opportunities to get in front of customers. I know that Abstrakt is out there every day making the calls and continuing to build awareness of the products that we are selling to the customer base we are looking at. “Print

Rather than focusing solely on getting an individual appointment, Abstrakt focuses on building and nurturing a long-term relationship with companies. During the first year of the partnership, Stability Networks had about 50-60 opportunities that were sent their way due to Abstrakt’s team. “Now we are getting about 4-5 times value back from our customers that we are putting into Abstrakt and that is a fantastic ROI for us.” Currently, Stability Network’s goal for closed business with Abstrakt is near $20-$25k monthly recurring revenue, which Abstrakt has been able to deliver.

Travis says because of the contract with Abstrakt and seeing their numbers continue to grow, it has allowed them to open up another market, in another state, which is currently having great success. “The relationship with Abstrakt has allowed me to have an entire team of people that are out there helping with the pre-sales approach.”

Originally, the company could not afford to have 15 salespeople, but now they can! The entire team is working to build the materials to help Stability Networks be successful and get their name out to their customer base. Stability Networks can now focus on the growth of their business, the awareness and the relationships.
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