Building a Successful Inside Sales Process Part 3

The final step in building a successful inside sales process is creating top-of-mind awareness. You have determined who you want to go after and how you are going to present your company. Now you need to reach out to these prospects on a continuous basis until you can secure a meeting. This is the hardest part. Everyone teaches you how to present your products or services in their sales training seminars and books but rarely do they teach you how to secure the meeting.

We have broken this process down into four phases – Cleansing, Introduction, Nurture, and Appointment Setting. Let’s look at each one.

Cleansing is the first stage of the prospecting process. In this part of the process, you should make up to eight phone calls to qualify and learn about your targets first hand. You want to confirm who the decision maker is, identify their contact information and start gathering critical sales data. This could last over a period of up to 30 days.

Next is the Introduction Phase. You will need to make a series of phone calls, emails and send out any marketing assets to introduce your products and services to decision makers. The goal with this part of the prospecting process is simple: have the best possible conversation with your prospect, get an appointment if an opportunity exists and, if not, leave the door open to build a relationship over time.

By doing this, you will ensure that all qualified targets will make it 100% of the way through the Introduction Phase. This will allow you to reach more decision makers, collect more information and sell more products and services. You should also incorporate other marketing assets into the process to help introduce your company to your qualified targets.

Lead nurturing is about getting useful, relevant content to prospects early in the sales process. Once delivered, it’s about developing and maintaining a relationship with those prospects until they are ready to have a conversation about your products or services. You should use multiple communication channels to reach the decision makers in your market such as email, phone calls, marketing materials and other sources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your website. These additional touch points will help motivate your prospects to secure a meeting. This can take place over several months or years.

The final step is securing the appointment. Finding new customers to grow your business is not something your company should take lightly. Once an appointment is secured you will want to send out a calendar invite and connect with the prospect on LinkedIn. Then the day before the meeting, send out an appointment reminder along with another piece of sales information and even a handwritten thank you and save the date postcard.

If you follow this process on a consistent basis, you will increase your company’s presence and prominence in the marketplace as well as secure more meetings, ultimately GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!