Maryville Hires—How Many Join Abstrakt After Graduation?

Abstrakt Marketing Group’s Maryville Intern Program was developed in 2016 when Abstrakt and Maryville University decided to partner to offer students paid internship opportunities. Students at Maryville who are interested in careers in either sales or marketing can join the program to gain unparalleled real-world experience.

At Abstrakt’s satellite office on Maryville’s campus, students can gain valuable skills to carry with them throughout their career. They have the opportunity to use the same technology as employees at Abstrakt and even get to make sales themselves. Interns get to experience the same competitive sales environment just like they would in the Abstrakt office, receiving cash prizes and incentives for performing well. After completing the program, students receive copies of all their personal sales metrics and live sales call recordings to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

Abstrakt Hiring Maryville Interns Post-Grad

Fortunately for these interns, most have the opportunity to secure a job at Abstrakt upon graduating, and many of them choose to do so. We always encourage our interns to grow their career with Abstrakt post-graduation, and as of now, we have 10 employees who decided to leave Maryville and come straight to Abstrakt to continue learning and growing.

Adam Zobrist, Executive Sales Representative

Adam was a member of the Maryville Intern Program from April 2016 through May 2018. Immediately upon graduating, Adam joined Abstrakt as an Executive Sales Representative. To this day, he is helping Abstrakt by selling our programs to various companies across the nation to supplement their current business strategies with our lead generation solutions.

DJ Westcott, Partner Performance Manager of Maryville

DJ was an Executive Sales Representative at Abstrakt upon graduating from Maryville; however, today he holds the position of Partner Performance Manager at Maryville.

Here is what DJ had to say about his internship experience:

“The internship definitely gave me an edge applying after graduation, considering I was able to make connections with people downtown and have an understanding of how our company works and know the expectations for success. We already had phone experience, could convey the message Abstrakt was driving to prospects, as well as how to manage a client and convey someone else’s message that is looking to grow. It gave me a platform to build success and have previous work experience to wager for a better position with the company and leverage my previous success with the internship to get the job I have now!”

DJ also spoke about the culture at Abstrakt, which encourages hard work and pushing for success daily:

“The way people buy into the bigger picture and create an environment for hard work and success are extremely enticing for those post-graduation to feel comfortable and make a name for themselves, and it all generates from the top! Management has done a great job at making people feel excited about working for a company climbing to the top.”

Bryant Webster, Partner Sales Manager – Maryville Campus Sales Programs

Bryant started the Maryville Intern Program in 2016 and has been working as a Partner Sales Manager for the program since January 2019. He directly manages the relationship between the Intern Sales Team and the Executive Sales Teams at Abstrakt.

See what Bryant has to say about working at Abstrakt:

“[There is] constant opportunity for growth. Not a version of “handheld growth” either, but a true opportunity to grow by getting a return on the effort that you put in and an opportunity to move up in the company if you truly want to.”

Andrew Mandziara, Executive Sales Representative

Andrew was the second Maryville intern we hired. Upon graduating in 2017, Andrew started at Abstrakt as an Executive Sales Representative. He currently facilitates partnerships with companies in several industries including SaaS, custom software, real estate, LED lighting, commercial electric, and commercial contracting.

Here’s what Andrew had to say about the Maryville Internship Program:

“The internship with Abstrakt Marketing at Maryville is something special. It has allowed me to gain industry knowledge that sets me far above other prospective employees. The experience I’ve gained here is unparalleled to other internships offered in the area. With an emphasis on education and professionalism, there is nowhere else I could have gained the confidence and knowledge to help propel my career after college.”

Yoonjae Nam, Partner Success Manager

Yoonjae, the first Maryville intern we hired, now works at Abstrakt as a Partner Success Manager. Starting as a Sales Intern at Maryville and then coming to Abstrakt as a Partner Sales Representative in 2016, Yoonjae has moved up and held many different roles throughout his time at Abstrakt, including Senior Assistant Partner Sales Manager, Senior Pipeline Performance Manager, and Partner Sales Manager. As a Partner Success Manager, Yoonjae currently assists with the growth of Abstrakt’s clients across North America.

Nikka Bazzetta, Partner Sales Representative II

Nikka joined Abstrakt as a full-time employee in May 2018. She now works as a Partner Sales Representative II, meaning she stayed on track and hit goals consistently as a PSR I.

Matt Gilmore, Digital Analyst

Matt joined Abstrakt full time in September 2018 as a Digital Analyst. Since then, he has worked closely alongside Digital Strategists, Account Managers, and other agency team members to provide business growth services and continuously learn about digital marketing.

Seth Rothermich, Business Development Manager at Maryville

Seth Rothermich serves as a Business Development Manager at Maryville. He oversees the Maryville interns and makes sales himself to help Abstrakt gain more opportunities.

David Mandziara, Sales Enablement Operations Analyst

Since starting his career full time with Abstrakt in March 2019, David has been a Partner Operations Manager and now serves as a Sales Enablement Operations Analyst.

Here is what David had to say about the Maryville Internship Program:

“The community of Maryville is exhibited greatly in the on-campus internship program. You build strong relationships with your fellow interns as you gain work experience and continue your education together.”

Adam Birdsell, Partner Sales Representative

Adam Birdsell, a more recent Maryville hire, currently serves as a Partner Sales Representative at Abstrakt Marketing Group. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the outbound lead generation process as it pertains to his clients as well as hitting daily metric goals and setting appointments.

Grow Your Career With Abstrakt

Abstrakt is a place that cares about helping its employees grow daily. We grow from within, and we want our employees who work hard to go far within our organization. It’s easy to see how much we care about employee growth just by taking a look at our Maryville interns who are now full-time employees. Almost every single one of these employees has grown in one way or another since beginning their career at Abstrakt. Whether our employees are learning new skills or moving into a new position, we are always growing. Ready to start your journey with Abstrakt? Apply today!