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Abstrakt Finds Top Talent for Your Mortgage Company

Loan Officer Recruitment

Abstrakt will help you find your next top-producing loan officer. Using our Outbound lead generation solution, we will help you to attract the top performers in your region, identifying the most engaged prospects available for recruitment.

We discretely connect with state licensed, self-sourcing originators within the markets you do business with. Our team will determine if those originators are currently facing any pain points within their current organization. These may include, lack of: training, support, compensation, culture and upward mobility.

We have found that originators often have these pain points that have been unaddressed within their current organization and it is only a matter of time until they begin looking elsewhere.

Our team will provide you with qualified appointments with originators that meet your search criteria. Once an appointment is set you will receive a call recording of our conversation with your prospective originator as well as all the research data collected for that originator.

Common recruitment criteria include:

  • 750K or more monthly
  • 10 or more transactions quarterly
  • State-licensed


A Proven Process

We’ll implement the process that continues to be successful in recruiting for our own company to help yours. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that outlines the goals, strategies and techniques required to attract top loan officer talent.

Engaging Qualified Candidates

Money is not the key motivator for Loan Officers, and Abstrakt takes that into account when developing your recruitment strategy. While compensation is a factor in career moves, other components of your company will be able to make a more significant impact when highlighted. 

A Discrete Approach

We are discrete in our approach, as we know top candidates won’t always be able to take a call within the office to discuss future opportunities outside of their workplace.

Selling Points

We present the opportunity as if we are selling a product. We point out the specific advantages of working for your company to generate interest and differentiate you from the competition. Amongst a sea of competition, we’ll help your company stand out. 

A Growth Solution

Abstrakt’s process will yield a continuous stream of candidates for your mortgage company. As your business grows, you can rest assured you’ll have qualified candidates ready to join your team.


With constant change in regulation and fluctuating levels of business, Loan Officers are actively looking for new opportunities. Abstrakt helps your company be proactive in nurturing prospects and keeping you top of mind. When they start to look around, they’ll start with you.

We’re ready to help

This past year we helped numerous companies bring on 6-10 LO’s, producing $9M+ each. Our recruitment platform guarantees a minimum of 60+ loan officer candidates who are each self-generating 10+ loans per quarter. These LO’s are NMLS licensed, turn-key, with no ridiculous fees or splits.

The Type of Talent You’re Looking For

We aren’t going to recruit just anyone for your company. Like any business, we only want the top talent for our company. We call them A-Players. How do we find them? By looking for five essential qualities that we’ll also look for while recruiting realtors for your business.

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