Skyrocket Your Email Click-Through Rate with This Single Tactic

email with eyeballDo you use email marketing for your company’s lead generation strategy? If you do, your email click-through rate might be making you lose some sleep at night. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution.

If you don’t use email marketing, or you’re new to the tactic – here’s what we’re talking about:

Email click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of readers who click on a particular link within the email to the total number of users who open the email. This engagement metric is one of, if not the most important indicator of how well your email marketing campaign is performing. Yet, many B2B companies have no idea what their CTR is or how to raise it. If you don’t know your click-through rate, you don’t know how truly engaged your audience is with your email marketing efforts.

A “good” click-through rate may be lower than you’d expect – the average across all industries is 4.19%. Don’t be discouraged if you’re seeing a similar rate; but at the same time, there’s always room for improvement! It’s easy to boost your business’s email CTR, using this one tactic:


It seems simple, doesn’t it? Videos capture the attention of viewers, provide information quickly and can be promoted easily to catch Google’s eye. Yet most companies don’t realize that video boosts email CTR by 200-300% (Forrester Research). Video should be an essential part of every email campaign, as it has evolved from a marketing accessory to a necessity. To optimize this tactic, check out these four tips:

#1 Include the word “video” in the subject line. There’s no point in crafting the perfect email if it isn’t being opened, which is why the subject line is crucial. Let your audience know that an entertaining piece of video content awaits them, right off the bat. This simple strategy drastically impacts email viewership, increasing open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. For more information about the effect email subject lines have on consumer behavior, read here.

#2 Position your video at the top of the email. With any email marketing effort, you want to catch the viewer’s attention quickly. Maximize your click-through rate by placing your video prominently at the top of your message. After all, your video is the hook you baited your audience with in the subject line, so don’t drown it below an ocean of words.

#3 Use a thumbnail. Create a thumbnail image that introduces your audience to the overall message within the video. Wistia saw a 21.52% increase in clicks using video thumbnails. Once the image is clicked, it should lead to a landing page where viewers can watch the content. This directs people to your company’s website and simultaneously avoids video-related glitches that could potentially occur. You can see seven strategies for using video thumbnails in your emails here.

#4 Provide a call-to-action. Include a CTA at the end of every video that guides your audience to the next step of the campaign. After the screen fades to black, a CTA helps viewers understand how to continue the conversation with your business.

While these tips will help make using video in emails more effective, it’s important to make sure the fundamentals are covered. Before you begin, establish a detailed, goal-oriented plan. Once this has been established, make sure you have each of these points crossed off your checklist:

  • Make sure videos are high quality
  • Keep videos short
  • Promote on social
  • Test it out

Once you have these basics down and the optimization tactics in place, your campaign will be ready to go! Video and email marketing are both effective strategies when used separately, but the impact they have on click-through rates when used together can’t be overlooked. The statistics speak for themselves, and videos within emails are essential for B2B email marketing campaigns. Need help getting started? Let’s talk!


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