Amp-Up Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity as part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. As video becomes more engrained in our everyday lives, particularly with mobile, it only makes sense to harness the outlet in your marketing toolkit.

Why is video so desirable? From a content standpoint, it’s both versatile and consumable. From a ranking standpoint, watching a video means a lot of time on site and typically more retention and who doesn’t like that? So what are some ways to improve your video campaigns and increase retention?

Four Ways to Amp-Up Your Video Marketing Campaigns

  • Get to the Point – Just like any other form of content, your video needs to capture the viewer’s attention quickly. Remember the five-second rule? Remember it when your producing you’re producing your video. If you don’t entice your viewer in those first five seconds, then their attention will fade. So what that means is your video needs to get to the point. You should be focused on keeping your video short but sweet; engaging the audience quickly and then moving right into your message. Long, slow builds should be saved for TV and movies.
  • Whoa – Every video should have a “Whoa,” factor. Whoa covers so many things from excitement to amazement to extreme coolness. Your video needs something that makes the audience sit up and say “Whoa!” which helps people remember the message and also your brand. Videos go viral because of the ‘whoa’ factor on everything from amazing stunts to ridiculously cute or funny animals. What will your video have for its’ whoa factor? Make sure to use all the tools in your arsenal from CGI to music to spoke models that will make people pay attention and say “whoa.”
  • Personalized – Generic messaging should be a thing of the past. Today’s users want personalized appeals focused on them. Take the time to focus your messaging towards their wants, their needs, their problems and the solutions that will help them even going so far as to craft messages that are gender, age or even socioeconomic specific. Learning to target different segments of your market will make videos more effective to that demographic.
  • Be Funny – Connecting with your audience typically involves fostering an emotional connection. While some people look to invoke anger, fear or sadness in videos, the best method to use is humor. Not only are funny videos the more likely ones to go viral, but they then tie a positive emotion to your message and brand. Think about ways to tie humor into your video content.

The bottom line is that video is a great medium to use to achieve your marketing goals. Successful videos that connect, engage, and nudge a customer towards an action are the goal, but getting there isn’t always easy. The four ways to improve your video marketing campaigns we outlined today can help with that which will help your next campaign reach greater heights.

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