Grow your sales through OUTBOUND Lead Generation!

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Grow your sales through INBOUND Lead Generation!

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Grow Your Automotive Dealership’s Sales and Service!

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We accomplish that through using our unique business growth solutions and by maintaining an exceptional team

You shouldn’t have to work overtime just to produce leads and appointments. Our Pipeline Outsourced Sales Solution takes away the headache of prospecting and leaves you with quality appointments with prospects looking to work with your company, at a cost that’s less than one full time employee.

We use social media to drive very specific consumer traffic to your website and store. There’s a huge difference in creating social space and implementing a successful social marketing strategy. New partnerships between Social Media providers and Automotive Data services have made social media one of the most effective marketing tools in the automotive industry.

We combine creative excellence, industry leading talent, and the most effective marketing solutions in the Automotive Industry to deliver more traffic to your dealership. Our team works with our partner clients to create their own unique strategies built to achieve measurable performance goals and to sell more cars.

What others say about us

“We’re getting four to five times value back from our customers than we’re putting into Abstrakt.”

– Travis Williams, Stability Networks

“Our partnership with Abstrakt a very positive experience. Abstrakt Marketing Group is by far the best at what they do. The services they provide and how they provide them is very impressive and after only one month of working the program sales has increased more than in the last 6 months without them! Their systems and processes are what set them apart from the other similar companies. However, the people are what really set them apart. The staff is professional, skilled, and easy to work with. “

Mike Magnusson, Pacific Air ControlGoogle Review

“Our company has used Abstrakt to generate quality appointments with local businesses in Maryland for the last 9 months. They represent us very professionally with all our prospects. They also work hard to find a need for our services, if one exists. Lastly, their communication with us is “top notch” and we always know what they are doing for us and why. We have found it to be a wonderful partnership.”

Tom Burtzlaff, CMIT Solutions-ColumbiaGoogle Review

“We’ve been using Abstrakt’s pipeline product for over a year now and are impressed with the results. Their process is efficient and has been productive beyond expectations. Their services are recommended for any business needing to prospect a large volume of B2B contacts.”

Tom Carvelli, Greenway MortgageGoogle Review

“Abstrakt has under promised and over delivered, each month! They have assisted us in making new contacts as well as maintain current clients. I would, and have recommended Abstrakt to friends. Our overall numbers have increased each month we have used them. ‘VERY GOOD COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH'”

Levi Nielsen, DC Power SolutionsGoogle Review