#AGB18 Spotlight: Friends of Kids with Cancer

Abstrakt is happy to return to Friends of Kids with Cancer for Abstrakt’s 2nd Give Back Day! Friends of Kids with Cancer is an organization that simply helps kids with cancer be kids. They are devoted to enriching the daily lives of children that have or have had cancer or blood-related diseases. Their mission is to be an advocate for Abstrakt's Give Back Day Group Photothese special kids and provide them and their families with the educational, emotional, and recreational support needed as they undergo the long hours of chemotherapy, illness, and isolation. Friends of Kids with Cancer incorporates the power of positive thinking into their programs. Being happy, positive, and motivated makes every child more likely to succeed and grow.

Friends of Kids with Cancer has been helping kids in St. Louis for 25 years. They partner with medical professionals and patient families for suggestions on how to treat children with cancer. Dr. Bob Bergamini’s philosophy is to “treat the needs of the entire child…not only the cancer.”
Friends is so unique from other charities because they cater to the emotional need of the child, not just the medical needs of the child. Their educational, emotional, and recreational programs build self-esteem and help to improve the child’s quality of life. These programs strive to help the child and their families stay positive, focused, and prepared.

Friends of Kids with Cancer was one of the nineteen organizations that participated in Abstrakt Gives Back Day in 2017. Zach Bayer from Abstrakt was one of the lucky volunteers who spent his day with Friends. He spent his day driving around buying various toys and gift cards for children. Then, the volunteers created gift bags and delivered them to the hospital for the children. Zach said his favorite part was delivering the bags to the hospital.

Zach said, “It felt good knowing we were doing something to make a difference. My cousin, Maddy, passed away from cancer at the age of eight and ever since then her dad and our family have been very active in this organization. It was touching to see the people that worked with my cousin and helped her and my family so much when going through the tough time.”
Moments like these are what make this event so special to our company and our employees. We are really excited that we have twenty different organizations participating in the event this year because of stories like this. Offering a variety of charities for people to volunteer their time allows them to be able to connect with one they really care about. Volunteering with a charity that means a lot to a person individually will leave a large impact on his or her life, and they may even come back to volunteer after the event!