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How is your company generating qualified leads through Outbound Marketing? We’re more than just appointment setters. We strategically execute a proven lead generation playbook that delivers consistent, quality leads.

B2B Appointment Setting for our Outbound Marketing clients



In cleansing, we confirm who the decision-maker is, identify their contact information and start gathering critical sales data. As this critical data is gathered, your prospects are either qualified or disqualified pending the result of the qualification surveys they complete. This allows us to provide you with a clearly defined, qualified prospect list. 



Our goal is simple: Have the best possible conversation with your prospect. We get an appointment if an opportunity exists and, if not, leave the door open to build a relationship over time. We reach more decision-makers and collect more information so you can sell more.



The process of lead nurturing is about getting useful, relevant content to prospects early in the sales process. Once delivered, it’s about developing and maintaining a relationship with those prospects until they are ready to have a conversation about your products or services. 



The responsibility of finding new customers to grow your business is not something your company should take lightly; we certainly don’t. We connect our clients with leads to build and develop relationships. Our clients are converting a high percentage of those connections into closed business.

Outbound Marketing
Using Proven Strategies to Build Your Sales Pipeline

Are you looking to grow your business, but finding it difficult to manage every aspect of a consistent sales pipeline? Use our Outbound Marketing sales process to gain competitive marketing data, improve brand awareness, and create more sales opportunities. 

Our Process for Bringing You B2B Sales Leads

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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Composing lead lists, hiring internal sales reps, making cold calls, and managing your sales pipeline, all while continuously repeating the sales cycle can be a difficult challenge. You want to grow and you want new business, but it seems impossible to do on your own. 

When you outsource your sales and marketing efforts to Abstrakt, you have a full team of professional sales representatives, sales managers, and operations managers who are dedicated to ensuring growth. We deliver high-quality leads that convert to new business and promote growth within your organization.

Tactics That Work

Our team is focused and ready to grow your business using lead generation tactics that work.


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Insight Into Your Program

As a Pipeline Outbound partner, you have complete insight into your entire program. You can see how many dials were made on your account, listen to calls, listen to voicemails, and update appointment status. The purpose of the portal is to offer visibility, improve communication, and help us to continuously improve your program. We encourage you to use the portal and collaborate with our team as much as possible.

Ready to Grow
Your Business?