Commercial Roofing Case Study

Setting appointments and closing business for a family-owned commercial roofing company

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About the Client

Schena Roofing is a family owned commercial roofing company that has been serving Michigan, Ohio and Indiana since 1969. Schena is a flexible commercial roofing company, which allows it to handle any size project and be agile enough to support emergencies. The company specializes in industrial and custom sheet metal roofing.

Partner Testimonial

“In today’s competitive labor market, it has become more challenging to find qualified salespeople to help grow our business. We have been able to fulfill this need with Abstrakt Marketing. Their trained sales team has been able to generate quality sales opportunities for us that have developed into long term revenue streams. We have been able to broaden our customer base without increasing our staff.”                                                                                                                                       – Anthony Schena

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The Problem

Schena Roofing became Abstrakt’s first Commercial Roofing partner in October 2016. They were looking to grow business quickly in the roofing industry and customize a program in a way that allowed Abstrakt to adjust to the ebb and flow that goes with the differing seasons within the roofing industry.

The Solution

Abstrakt’s team started an outbound program and focused on large roof replacements only when Schena is in the busy season, and targeted project work and preventative maintenance when they start to slow down. As they entered their second year of partnership, Abstrakt implemented a nurture agreement, which continued to grow the business.

The Results

Because of the partnership with Abstrakt and the strategic process created, it has led to just under $200k in closed business over the last year, and just under an additional $500k in proposals! Abstrakt has set 167 appointments since the beginning of the partnership. Anthony Schena, the owner of Schena Roofing, and his sales manager have both referred partners to Abstrakt, and all those referrals are still partnering with Abstrakt today.

Explore What Commercial Roofing Lead Generation

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Roofing companies are busy on the job and don’t have time to focus on lead generating activities. Abstrakt’s B2B lead generation solution, Pipeline Outbound, helps with a huge problem that commercial roofing contractors face while trying to grow their businesses—building and maintaining a consistent sales pipeline. With our solution, you can keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified sales lead and grow your business all for less than the cost of a single. full-time salesperson. Interested in our commercial roofing lead generation solution? To learn more, contact Abstrakt Marketing Group today.

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