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Quantity vs Quality in Lead Generation

Maintaining a strong pipeline of leads can seem overwhelming, especially when you feel forced to make a choice between either generating quality leads or a large quantity of leads. It’s difficult trying to decide where to place your company’s time and effort. Some choose to spend more time filtering out for better quality leads. Others […]

Boost Your Company’s Online Strategy with Interactive Content

If your company is utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, you have created written content and most likely some visual, too. Posting informational blogs and articles show potential clients your expertise. Posting videos and photos give your company a creative edge that attracts the eye of clients. What if you could incorporate both elements […]

Maryville University Students Gain Experience Through Abstrakt Marketing Internships

Over the years, Abstrakt Marketing Group’s paid internship program on Maryville University’s campus has become a wonderful opportunity for students interested in sales and marketing. By participating in the program, interns gain real world experience using the same technology Abstrakt employees use and are able to build relationships with influential contacts. Abstrakt strives to include […]

Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Business in the Last 100 Days of 2017

2017 has flown by, but there’s still time to make small changes that can lead to big improvements for your marketing strategy. Social media is something that’s relatively easy to fix quickly. Below you’ll find 5 tips for keeping your social media accounts working effectively and benefiting your company. Join the right conversations. Interaction with […]

The Many Benefits of the Partner Sales Representative Role at Abstrakt

Whether you’re an experienced salesperson or a student looking to start your career, Abstrakt is a great place to learn and grow. The environment and energy is unmatched. For experienced salespeople, Abstrakt offers a place to build on your existing skill set and introduce you to new industries. For those just starting their career, Abstrakt provides […]