Realtor Recruitment


Abstrakt has lead generation for companies recruiting in the real estate industry

Realtor Recruitment

The real estate marketplace is extremely competitive. Which means, you can’t settle for anyone less than the best on your team. How do you create a team of top producers? Abstrakt’s realtor recruitment services can help connect you.

Through our realtor recruitment program we will get your company in front of the top, full-time producing agents within the markets you do business. Our conversations are professional and discrete, while delivering you answers to the most important questions:

  • What is their current working environment like?
  • What specific trends are affecting them?
  • What would  encourage them to leave their current organization?

As with all of our programs, we partner with one exclusive partner within a market, consistently providing them with secured meetings, month over month.

Common recruitment criteria for our realtor recruitment program includes:

  • 10 or more transactions annually
  • 3 million or more in sales annually
  • Building Relationships

    Connect with qualified candidates to deliver the benefits and value of a career with your real estate company.

  • Grow Your Business

    Use our powerful recruiting process to skyrocket your company into the top tier of your market.

  • A Smart Prospecting Process

    We don’t constantly spam potential candidates with impersonal messages. Our goal is to make a connection that evolves into a beneficial relationship for both the prospect and your company.

“If you’re having trouble meeting realtors, this is the place to go. Being to get in front of the producing realtors, having a meeting with them. Whether it’s a coffee meeting, a lunch meeting – it’s been invaluable for me. ”

Damon CarritellaTidewater Mortgage Services, Inc


Experienced, Skilled and Professional

After recruiting for realtors across the country, Abstrakt understands what candidates are truly looking for in a company. Money isn’t always the key motivator, which is why it’s important to show what else the position offers. With our experience and a team of skilled professionals, we’ll get engaged prospects in front of you. 

A Strategy with Tact

We do our homework before we make contact with a prospect. We know top candidates won’t always be able to take a call within the office to discuss future opportunities outside of their workplace, which is why we have a strategy in place to avoid running into any conflict situations.

Selling Points

We present the opportunity as if we are selling a product. We point out the specific advantages of working for your company to generate interest.

24/7 Accessbility

With Salesforce as our CRM software, you have the ability to access your client portal anytime, anywhere. Browse through data, check on opportunities and listen to call recordings.

A Growth Solution

Abstrakt’s process will yield a continuous stream of candidates for your mortgage company. As your business grows, you can rest assured you’ll have qualified candidates ready to join your team.

Compatibility Measurements

We keep several questions in mind to determine how compatible a candidate could be with your company, saving you time and resources. These questions include queries such as:

  • Do they project a “marketing” state of mind?
  • Will they overcome the fear of failure and asking for business?
  • Are they coachable?
  • What is their past sales history? Will they volunteer their past track record?
  • Are they self-directed or self-starters?
  • Do they want success more than you want it for them?

Qualified Candidates

We’ll optimize your recruiting results by filtering data and only focusing our efforts on the leads that fit your qualifications. We partner with you to find out who your ideal candidates are, and we work to ensure that the prospects we recruit are qualified.

Sales Assets

We’ll incorporate marketing assets throughout the Outbound process to increase brand recognition, enhance results and achieve business growth goals.

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The Type of Talent You’re Looking For

We aren’t going to recruit just anyone for your company. Like any business, we only want the top talent for our company. We call them A-Players. How do we find them? By looking for five essential qualities that we’ll also look for while recruiting realtors for your business.

  • Attitude

    If attitude determines direction, do you know which way your company is headed? At Abstrakt, we look for positive attitudes and outlooks in candidates. We’ll do the same for your company to find resilient, positive, understanding and energetic realtors for your company.

  • Adaptability

    As your business grows, the industry shifts and technology evolves, change will inevitably be present. Of course, you’ll want individuals on your team that will be adaptable and ready to tackle any changes that come their way.

  • Ambition

    Real estate is an industry similar to sales and marketing, in which ambition is a must. Leads don’t generate themselves! Abstrakt hires go-getters, and we’ll recruit the same for you.

  • Accountability

    Without results, what’s the point? Accountability is critical in any results-driven industry. We’ll recruit the ones who take responsibility for their performance, with no excuses.

  • Awareness

    Individuals that are always aware of the impact they have on company growth. They understand the company vision and smaller goals align with overall success.