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Helping our partner become the preferred electrical contractor in the West Valley City region of Salt Lake City, Utah

Lead Generation LED Lighting

About the Client

Skyline Electric Company was founded in 1959 and continues to provide quality electrical work. One of the main reasons for its continued success has been customer satisfaction. Skyline Electric Company’s commitment to high-quality work and attention to detail continues to bring customers back time and time again. Skyline Electric Company has a Contracting Department, Service Division, Green Power Division and Motor Repair and Sales.

Partner Testimonial

“One early appointment started with a $20,000 project, and has now led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in heavy industrial electrical work.”

LED Lighting in Office Building

The Problem

Skyline Electric Company was growing its business primarily through referrals from its current customer base, but the company was ready to take the next step in executing its mission statement: “To be the preferred electrical contractor in the region by adding dramatic value to our customers, our employees and our shareholders.” Skyline was already adding dramatic value, but didn’t have the sales or marketing resources internally to truly go after its region. It had two goals when looking for a solution:

– Develop three to four solid partners that would be a part of its customer base each year.
– Increase overall name brand recognition and remain top of mind for the right prospects.

LED Lighting in Office Building

The Solution

Skyline partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to identify and strategically target its ideal partners in the region. Through Abstrakt’s Pipeline process in the first year, over 6,000 calls were made to strategic targets, branding the company’s name and sharing its message, over 100 appointments were scheduled, and it now has 550 strong prospects receiving drip campaign emails and nurture phone calls on a regular basis until they’re ready to buy.

LED Lighting in Office Building

The Results

Through Abstrakt’s 100 scheduled appointments and diligent, Skyline Electric Company has been able to grow its bottom line, increase name brand awareness, and find the right long-term partners.

  • One early appointment resulted in a $20,000 project, and has now led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in heavy industrial electrical work, which is Skyline’s specialty. This is a long-term partner, and Skyline has employees onsite there full time.
  • Skyline also gained a contract with a local water plant through a combination of previous work with the client and Abstrakt’s nurturing process. Abstrakt followed up and caught the plant just as it was preparing to bring in an outside resource—scheduling an appointment at just the right time. This timing also led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • The company closed a local manufacturer of copper wire—another account worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue set by Abstrakt near the end of the first year.
  • Skyline also was able to find a few additional accounts that were smaller than these, but stable recurring revenue to add to its bottom line.

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