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Turning a bad sales model into an effective lead generation solution for a growing technology consulting firm

About the Client

Stability Networks is a technology consulting firm based in Boise, ID, which serves the Northwest region of the United States. Its goal is to deliver IT solutions and technical consulting services to clients. The company customizes and focuses on strategic business outcomes with every IT solution it provides to align with customers’ business goals.

Our Partner’s Experience

“Building a consistent sales pipeline allowed us to generate more total revenue as a company. That, in turn allowed us to hire more talented engineers and provide them with better resources to perform their jobs. This led to higher overall customer satisfaction levels with our existing customers. Better satisfaction led to more direct sales leads from referrals, which led to even more opportunities. Finally, having more opportunities and revenue allowed us to be more particular about the type of customer that we brought on board, which allowed us to build a better, more profitable customer base. So, as you can see, the entire process has a dramatic domino effect. Each component helps to build on the next, and when done correctly, the end results are very profitable.”

Travis Williams, Vice President of Sales

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The Problem

Stability Networks was facing several issues with its sales model. One of the biggest was an inconsistent sales pipeline. This was a direct result of not having an efficient lead generation process in place. Company leaders knew they didn’t want to hire a single sales representative to perform this task, so when they looked to outsource those duties, they preferred Abstrakt.

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The Solution

Stability Networks chose to invest in Abstrakt’s Pipeline Outbound Lead Generation Solution. Abstrakt was able to create more sales opportunities, increase brand awareness, and deliver qualified IT consulting leads to Stability Networks every month.

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The Results

Stability Networks quickly was less concerned about its total number of appointments and more interested in bing able to have good leads that would translate to monthly sales. The business has averaged between $12,000 and $15,000 in net new monthly recurring revenue contracts as a result of its partnership with Abstrakt. Stability Networks also has taken its MSP numbers from $48,000 of monthly recurring revenue to $220,000.

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Abstrakt’s B2B lead generation solution, Pipeline Outbound, helps with the biggest problem most MSPs face while growing their businesses—building and maintaining a consistent sales pipeline. With our solution, you can keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified sales lead and grow your business all for less than the cost of a single. full-time salesperson. To learn more about what an IT lead generation program would look like for your business, contact Abstrakt Marketing Group today.

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