Marketing Collateral FAQ

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, it’s crucial to have marketing materials that convey your company’s message effectively. Marketing collateral is ideal for increasing brand awareness while also communicating why your company stands above the rest.

With well-designed and expertly crafted marketing collateral, your products and services will gain a clear advantage. Abstrakt provides three collateral packages that can be customized to suit your needs, and clients are always asking about the best route to take. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we see.

What is the typical marketing collateral process?

With our marketing collateral, we give you the flexibility to choose your own collateral delivery schedule, so you can receive the pieces you need the most, first. However, we do have a suggested delivery progression format to achieve the best results.

Brochure Sell Sheet Case Study Social Covers Video Sell Sheet Infographic Sell Sheet Case Study Sell Sheet

What if I already have a lot of sell sheets or case studies?

We always recommend our standard delivery process because we believe it’s the best marketing plan. But if you already have some collateral, you can adjust your delivery schedule. During your implementation month with Abstrakt, you’ll be able to choose the order in which you’d like your marketing collateral to be produced and delivered.

Are there other marketing collateral options besides those listed above?

If you choose a custom package instead of a standard one, you can select your own assets, and you can receive as many of a single piece of collateral as you’d like. You also have the option to choose from the following:

  • Pitch deck
  • Two trade show display designs
  • Letterhead and business cards

What is the video collateral package?

With our video package, you’ll receive four videos from our production team in a 12-month period. We deliver a video every three months, and you can choose which topics you want for each: About Us, Case Study, Why Us, and Product/Service. You also can choose more than one topic (e.g., two Case Study videos).

What do I need to do to get started on the marketing collateral process?

When you decide to partner with Abstrakt, your marketing collateral project manager will get in touch with a few action items. They’ll also hop on one of your calls during your implementation month to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. Before we can get started on your pieces, we ask you to complete a Creative Brief describing what you need from us, as well as asking you to pick a design theme for all of your marketing collateral.


What is a design theme?

Our team has created different collateral themes clients can choose from to create the best fit for their current branding. We customize our themes to your brand colors, logos, fonts, and other visual components. But you get to choose the best layout for your marketing collateral.

What goes into the making of marketing collateral?

Your marketing collateral project manager will be in touch about the collateral you prefer and the topics you want them to showcase. After that, our content team creates the copy or the written part of your asset. Then it goes to our creative team to design the asset to your branding guidelines. Once everything is ready, your marketing collateral project manager will take you through an editing process to finetune the collateral to perfection.

What is a topic?

When your asset project manager sends over your Creative Brief, you will be asked to provide topics for your assets. We want to be sure we highlight the services, products, and case studies that are most important for your business.

How many points is each piece of marketing collateral worth?

Each piece of collateral has a different point value and delivery schedule because the work that goes into them is a little different. The Brochure, Sell Sheet, Case Study, Social Cover, Business Cards and Letterhead, Trade Show Displays, and Infographic are all worth one point each and will be delivered within one month. The Pitch Deck is worth two points and is delivered in two months, while the Video is worth three points and comes to you every three months.

What is a sell sheet?

A sell sheet is a one-page asset that spotlights one of your unique or superior services. You also can use it to bring attention to a new or existing product.


Do I get to make any changes to the collateral you create?

We offer two complimentary rounds of revisions for each piece of marketing collateral we create for you so you can finetune the asset to your liking. Whether it’s a paragraph you want to be reworded or a different photo, our content and creative teams work to create the perfect marketing collateral for your company.

What is a case study?

A case study is an example of your product or service in action. It usually describes the problems most customers face that you help fix with your unique solutions. We also create general case studies on how you help certain companies or industries with your services.

What is a pitch deck?

If you’re going to a lot of presentations, a pitch deck is the perfect marketing collateral to bring along. We create a 10-page deck with a cover to highlight all your company’s features, services, projects, and more.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is the best marketing collateral to show someone who is interested in numbers or statistics, like a CFO. This can be a collage of statistics or industry awards highlighting the benefits of working with your company.

What is a tradeshow pop-up?

If you’re heading to an event soon, such as a career fair or trade show, we can help design the visual display, or pop-up, needed for your booth. We curate it to be as eye-catching and informative as possible.


Do I get editable versions of the marketing collateral once they are complete?

We understand that information changes and might need to be updated, which is why we present some of our marketing collateral, such as the Pitch Deck and Letterhead, in editable PowerPoint and Word formats. With some of our other collateral, we can send you the creative files, but you will need to have access to the programs we use to be able to change them.

What is the marketing collateral created for?

We create marketing collateral for your own internal marketing use, but also for your partnership with Abstrakt. We use them to get in front of potential customers and pique their interest in your company even more.

If you’re interested in any of our marketing collateral packages, reach out to your Abstrakt sales representative today. He or she can get you in touch with a marketing collateral project manager who will partner with you to market your business as effectively as possible.