Lead Generation for Commercial Insurance Companies

Here at Abstrakt, we’re committed to growing your business. We partner with commercial insurance companies and work on growing their business.  To do so, it’s imperative that a strong lead generation process is in place to provide qualified and consistent leads, month after month.

The companies we work with aren’t just clients – they’re partners. We use this term because we’re committed to our partners, investing in them with effort, time and resources to create a custom lead generation strategy that’s effective for their business. By zeroing in on their distinct qualities against what the competition offers, we help our partners stand out in their market, and ultimately, we work to increase their bottom line.

Abstrakt has a policy of exclusivity for each program we offer in each market across the country. This means Abstrakt only partners with one commercial insurance partner in a given area. Through a combination of our inbound and outbound lead generation services, your insurance business will become and remain the top resource for the customers in your market.

You can rest assured that the services we offer are truly effective, as they’re the same services we use to grow our own business. And while it’s true that we aren’t an insurance company, all businesses can benefit from a proven lead generation process with comprehensive strategies.

With Abstrakt’s Lead Generation Solution, you can rest assured that a consistent stream of leads will be added to your pipeline – allowing you to have more time and resources for closing deals and maintaining relationships. We’ll only generate qualified leads, set valuable appointments, and we will always represent your business to the highest of standards.  

Insurance Expertise

We work with commercial insurance companies throughout the country, in all types of markets. We specialize in generating qualified leads to increase revenue and grow your company.

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