Lead Generation for Material Handling Companies

The material handling lead generation specialists at Abstrakt can effectively communicate your service proposition to your target decision makers and influencers ranging from operations personnel to directors and purchasing officers.

Let our experience in contacting targeted prospects for the material handling industry help increase your revenue.

A recent study from the Harvard Business School found that fully 80 percent of the sales leads generated from marketing programs are never followed up by the sales organization. In a similar study, Performark, Inc. stated, “As much as 90 percent of a business-to-business direct marketing budget may be spent trying to attract leads, and yet a shocking number of those leads are ignored. Of those leads that were actually followed up, over 60 percent were not called until 60 days after the initial contact. Of those leads that were followed up, a large percentage were poorly qualified. Direct marketing studies have shown that poorly qualified leads cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and increase the cost per lead, since poorly qualified leads are less likely to result in a sale.”


The Client

Heubel Material Handling is an industry expert with more than 50 years’ experience developing and deploying custom materials handling solutions for the world’s most trusted companies. The company prides itself on the ability to reduce client’s operating costs by up to 250% by utilizing their solutions and streamlined approach.

“In the second month of their St. Louis program they had more than eight proposals pending as a result of the appointments set by Abstrakt, one of those proposals for $8,000 in monthly reoccurring revenue.”

The Challenge

Due to its large client base, the client knew the time was right to further expand its territory. They wanted to continuously search for other businesses to which they could offer their services in line with their plans for further expansion. The client needed a partner to increase its flexibility to cover a larger area. The client’s sales team needed to focus on closing deals, instead of spending a considerable amount of time researching industries and facilities that needed their services.

The Solution

Since Abstrakt understands the material handling industry from a variety of perspectives, they were able to quickly identify the client’s role and positioning, optimize their messaging and launch an effective business growth program. After discussing the strategic process with the client, qualified meetings with specifically targeted and properly identified decision-makers were set up. Some of the information Abstrakt’s Partner Sales Representative were tasked to collect and confirm were:

  • Company and warehouse sizes
  • Size of fleet
  • Frequency of service needed
  • Satisfaction with current parts and service provider

Setting and confirmation of qualified appointments immediately followed after the Partner Sales Representative successfully generated interest in the client’s services.

The Results

The client has seen such success with Pipeline that they have launched two full programs with Abstrakt, in St. Louis and Omaha. In the second month of their St. Louis program, they had more than eight proposals pending as a result of the appointments set by Abstrakt, one of those proposals for $8,000 in monthly reoccurring revenue. After the first month of their Omaha program, they have more than five proposals pending and have closed a deal for $2,500 in monthly reoccurring revenue. The client has also referred two other companies to use Abstrakt’s program, both of which implemented in December of 2015.