Commercial Cleaning Case Study

Helping a commercial cleaning company attract new clients and increase revenue in a competitive market

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About the Client

ServiceMaster Clean PBM in Baltimore, Maryland, strives to deliver exceptional service and quality to customers. ServiceMaster provides essential residential and commercial cleaning services. When it comes to commercial cleaning, ServiceMaster keeps your space clean and boosts overall company health by using environmentally friendly products, lengthening the life of your floors and providing infection control and sanitizing services. By showing customers dependability, responsibility and expertise, the company is able to provide the best service and keep customers happy.

Partner Testimonial

“I have found the partnership I have been looking for with my inside sales team here at Abstrakt. Together we have explored and committed to a relational working partnership that is growing our businesses. For that, I am grateful.”

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The Problem

Like its competition, ServiceMaster Clean PBM was faced with attracting new customers while still nurturing the prospects already in its sales pipeline. Its salespeople’s prospecting activities were not reaching an audience large enough to justify the effort. ServiceMaster Clean PBM had a very specific message it wanted delivered to potential clients and Company leaders unsure if an outsourced option would be able to do it effectively. Company leaders did, however, know their sales funnel needed new leads continually coming through to meet high revenue goals. Because of this, ServiceMaster turned to Abstrakt to help set appointments for the company’s sales team.

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The Solution

ServiceMaster partnered with Abstrakt Marketing Group to achieve several goals, all of which centered on attracting new customers and increasing revenues. A priority goal was to make Abstrakt the preferred vendor for ServiceMaster. Abstrakt was able to develop targeted messages for ServiceMaster’s customers. As the Pipeline program got underway, Abstrakt was successful in presenting opportunities and recognizing trends in the company’s calling data that could potentially strengthen the effort.

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The Results

ServiceMaster Clean PBM’s first appointment turned into its first sale. Chesapeake Beverages began using ServiceMaster exclusively beginning  in February 2016. This single sale resulted in $41,000 worth of revenue. ServiceMaster secured $250,000 in additional revenue for 2016, and was on
track for significant growth in 2017 as well. “Their hard work and dedication to being an active partner to Abstrakt Marketing Group has played a huge role in their success; they listen to calls, have frequent communication between organizations and continue the pipeline process on their end after an appointment is set,” says General Manager Edward Ducote.

Explore What Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

Could Do for Your Business

Abstrakt’s B2B lead generation solution, Pipeline Outbound, helps with a huge problem that many commercial cleaning companies struggle with—building and maintaining a consistent sales pipeline. ServiceMaster Clean PBM hardly had time to go after new potential customers, let alone nurture existing prospects in their pipeline. Our solution keeps your sales funnel filled qualified sales leads so you can focus on what you do best—cleaning commercial facilities and improving your products and services.

To learn more about what an commercial cleaning lead generation program would look like for your business, contact Abstrakt Marketing Group today.

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