Abstrakt Marketing Group Yelp Reviews


We’re always looking to improve our services, our processes and overall business. We’re thankful for the feedback that helps us know what we’re doing right, along with the type of experiences our client and employees are having with our company. Check out these Yelp reviews!

Mark M. | Colorado Springs, CO | ★★★★★

We have had Abstrakt as an extension of our sales team for over 3 years now and are happier with them more now than ever.  They continue to refine their messaging for our vertical and are absolutely over the top when it comes to their follow up and follow thru processes with regards to prospects.  We get good appointments each month and our pipeline is larger than ever.  Great work Abstrakt. the ROI.

Brad O. | Lincoln, NE | ★★★★

We signed up with Abstrakt Marketing lead gen to help increase our presence in a new market over a year ago.  The initial leads we got from them were few and far between (which they warned us of ahead of time) but as the months passed we were consistently receiving more and more leads each month which I believe is proof that their sales process works.  They’ve been able to get us in to accounts that our own reps had not been able to get us in to.  Not every lead is a home run, but the sheer quantity of leads more than makes up for that in my opinion.  They surpassed their first year lead goal with us and we’ve renewed them for a second year.  I’d have no problem recommending their services.

Levi N. | Salt Lake City, UT | ★★★★★

Abstrakt has under promised and over delivered, each month! They have assisted us in making new contacts as well as maintain current clients. I would, and have recommended Abstrakt to friends. Our overall numbers have increased each month we have used them. The videos and email fliers they have created for us are done in a respectful, professional manner, we were in the loop the entire time giving our feedback, when something on the videos looked a little odd, or didn’t feel like it was flowing with our business plan, they would listen to our concerns and fix the issue. “VERY GOOD COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH”

John S. | Saint Peters, MO | ★★★★★

I have been at Abstrakt for nearly 4 years now and find that the culture is better now than ever and the service that we deliver now is second to none. There is no company out there that can compete with the 360 degree marketing solution that we are providing. Everyone in the organization has bought in and is working every day to have success for our customers. Great place to work.

Brian C. | Mount Pleasant, SC | ★★★★★

My name is Brian Cradock and I am the President of IFS Group.  We are a Janitorial & Facilities Service Contractor in Charleston, SC.  Abstrakt is a smart, innovative company that can generate solid leads without the cost of having to hire too many sales people that don’t produce.  There business processes and approach to inside sales and marketing is ahead of the curve.  They will represent your company well and fill the sales pipeline if you work with them.  I have been in sales for 25 years and Abstrakt is the future for outsourcing sales leads and marketing.   In our first 6 weeks they scheduled 8 appointments and added 30 warm leads to the sales pipeline.   We all know that generating leads takes time and patience. We have tried telemarketing and hired outside sales and have felt the pain that many businesses do in trying to get productivity out of these costly investments.  It’s an up and down cycle.  Abstrakt has a system that ensures you will get good leads at a fraction of what you would have to pay adding field reps or throwing your money away with inexperienced telemarketing companies.

If you’re not looking into Abstrakt you are doing your business a disservice.  I recommend Abstrakt to any business looking to increase sales and keep costs down.  They are the future of inside sales and marketing!

Bryant W. | San Francisco, CA | ★★★★★

Abstrakt Marketing Group is a great sales/marketing firm that seems to always be improving their processes and PEOPLE to ensure success internally and within their clients. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed in the nature of the people or nature of the brand.

Colby W. | Vancouver, WA | ★★★★★

Our firm ( has worked with Abstrakt for a few years now. AMG delivers the perfect cocktail of organization, followup, communication, and most importantly, results.

Jordan S. | Saint Louis, MO | ★★★★★

A great place to work. Leadership team has a vision for every person to advance and grow. Gives clients processes and tools to grow their business and create successful partnerships.

Justin S. | Detriot, MI | ★★★★

So I have been using Abstrakt since November/December 15 and am a fan of their service. I’m not sure what others expectations are when entertaining lead/appt generation but Abstrakt does full-fill their end of the bargain. got some quality leads and they were not all home runs but, this is relationship building to sell yourself and your company, not a guaranteed sale. I’ve been in meetings and conversations with many new people I didn’t have time to cultivate myself. This has turned into tangible business… so …. so far so good.

David C. | Minnetonka, MN | ★★★★★

Abstrakt has been very successful in finding qualified clients for our company.  They are able to work with potential clients and they maintain a contact with the potential client that develops into meetings.  They provide more than cold calling and give you good detail on the potential client on what was discussed during the call.  They also have monthly meetings with you to review results and any suggestions that you would like to address in future calls.  If you don’t have the time or the comfort to make your own calls then this is the company for you.  In addition, if your current company that you are using is not working then this is also for you.