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Employee and Client Feedback

Client Partner Feedback

“I have worked with more than one appointment setting firm and Abstrakt is by far the best. They deliver on what they promise. Be patient as it takes time to ramp, but once they do the ROI is on you.  The percentages of closes from their appointments far exceeds the cost.  There is also a residual relationship from the meetings that if “you are good” will lead to long term or later business. If you own an MSP and want new business let them get you meetings while you stay busy running your company.”

Vernon H.

“I have been working with Abstrakt for over six months now and I am very happy with the leads I have got so for. Abstrakt’s professional team especially Scott McQuality has been a great resource for me in providing qualified leads. Scott invested time to learn more about me and my company and understood how I want to differentiate from our competitors. By keeping me updated on every action item and constant follow-up via phone, text, email is what I like working with experienced professional like Scott and the Abstrakt team. I’d highly recommend the firm.”

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Ravi B.
“I have enjoyed working with Abstrakt Marketing Group over the past several years. Communication and response times have been strong. The team we have worked with there is wonderful. AMG has delivered an improved website design leading to better SEO and keyword optimization. We have seen increased traffic and higher position in search results. They also manage effective PPC campaigns. They have had their growing pains and it is a regular occurrence that one member of the team you are working with gets promoted or moves positions, but they do a good job of training the replacement. Overall, AMG has been great to work with and I look forward to continuing the relationship.”
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Attly A.

“Would highly recommend Abstrakt Marketing Group, they have been thoroughly professional and attentive to our needs and requirements.  Leo and the team have always been a step ahead with ideas, follow-ups, being interactive and organizationally.  They are always open to ideas and suggestions and truly become a part of your company to benefit everyone involved, I couldn’t recommend them more…”

Mike L.

Ready to Grow your career or your Business?

Ready to Grow Your CAREER or Business?

Ready to Grow Your Career or Business?

Employee Feedback

“I have worked at many companies both publicly held and privately owned as well as owned my own business. Abstrakt has provided me the place that I feel most at home and brings out the best in my abilities. The challenges that I have faced have made me a better employee and person. If you are looking for a place to grow in all aspects of your life, not just in business but in life this is the place to be. Everyone cares about you personally and is genuinely interested in your well being. This is the place where I plan to spend the rest of my career.”

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Vice President

“There are so many departments and career paths growing at Abstrakt. The leadership team and managers give specific support and training to everyone to help them grow in their career paths. I’ve been here for 5 years now and I’ve already been promoted 4 times! On top of everything else, Abstrakt hosts one of the best work cultures I’ve ever known. This really is an amazing place.”

“Bring your unique self to Abstrakt. This company provides great opportunities to its team members and business-changing services to its partners. It’s hard work. It’s one thing to build a business, it’s another thing entirely to keep growing and that’s what this company does best.”
Partner Sales Representative

“Typical day at work is high-energy with people trying to support each other to hit common goals. What you need to do during the day is pretty clear and usually wrapped into a goal our team is trying to hit for our clients. It’s fun to work as a team, and I’ve learned a ton about sales and the industries we support.”

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Marketing Manager

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