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A growth-driven strategy with activities and collateral to support your sales team.

Your Outsourced Sales and Marketing Team

Your sales pipeline needs to run 24/7/365. Do you have the team and technology to make that a reality?

By partnering with Abstrakt, you receive a full team of lead generation experts and the top technology to maximize your lead generation and marketing efforts. Choosing to outsource this rather than keeping it in-house is a smart choice for your budget, efficiency, and effectiveness as a growing organization. Whether you partner with us for an outbound appointment-setting program, an inbound marketing program, or both, each member of your team plays a vital role in ensuring your program is effective and that you receive high-quality leads.

Your Outbound Sales Team

When you decide to hire your own employees to handle sales efforts, it’s not just salary expenses you have to worry about. Total expenses per employee include taxes, office space, workstations, IT, holidays, sick leaves, and more. Additionally, the implementation of new processes requires an expenditure of time and resources, which may not always be available.

Outsourcing your lead generation efforts saves your business time and money. At Abstrakt, we prospect and call on potential customers on your behalf; all your company has to worry about is closing the sale. When you work with Abstrakt, you gain access to an entire team of motivated professionals who are ready to grow your business.

  • Success Manager—Your Success Manager is your main point of contact for your outbound program with Abstrakt. They manage a book of clients and hold weekly meetings with clients to go over successes, any issues, and discuss overall how they program is going. Your Success Manager is an expert and a communicator who can answer any and all of your questions about your program.
  • Sales Manager—Your sales manager is the person responsible for managing your partner sales representative(s) (PSR). He or she makes sure that day-to-day tasks are completed by the PSR and frequently meets with them to ensure our partnership is on track for success.
  • Partner Sales Representative—Your Partner Sales Representative is the sales professional responsible for making phone calls on behalf of your organization. After several weeks of training, they use information about top-quality prospects to make phone calls, set appointments, and close sales in an effort to ultimately grow your business.
  • Partner Operations Manager—Your Partner Operations Manager (POM) is responsible for identifying prospects in which your Partner Sales Representative can call on to try and set appointments. They use top industry tools and data to make qualified prospect lists that include information like the name, phone number, company, and email of the prospects within your target market.
  • Partner Retention Manager—The job of your Partner Retention Manager is to consistently find ways to improve your outbound program with Abstrakt. They listen to calls held by PSRs and provide feedback for improvement, hold training sessions, manage feedback from clients, make sure leads are qualified, and send over any leads to clients that are unqualified based on appointment qualifiers (in the case that your business wants to pursue an unqualified lead).

Your Inbound Marketing Team

By outsourcing your inbound lead generation to Abstrakt, you receive the complete package for an incredible value. It’s important to remember that with overhead costs, it’s not just salary expenses. Total expenses per employee include taxes, office space, workstations, technology, vacation time, sick leaves, and more.

It would cost over $20,000 per month in salaries to replicate Pipeline Inbound. Our partners get access to an entire team for less than the cost of one full-time employee. Each member of your team plays a critical role in providing you with a comprehensive inbound marketing solution.

  • Digital Success Manager—Your Digital Success Manager (DSM) is the person who manages your account and is your main point of contact for your inbound program with Abstrakt. He or she is responsible for monitoring your program and communicating with you regularly about any concerns, big wins, or improvements we can make to ensure we make the most of your program.
  • Copywriter—Your Copywriter is the person responsible for writing all the content for your website and ongoing content. They are experts at writing web pages and blogs that have high SEO value and drive traffic to your site, resulting in more leads. Copywriters also write marketing collateral and email libraries the sales team uses to set appointments on your business’s behalf.
  • Graphic Designer—Graphic Designers are responsible for making your website, marketing assets, and social media ads as visually appealing as possible. They are talented artists who bring your vision to life through responsive, user-friendly web design. They also take compelling copy for marketing assets and social posts and create designs that are easy for customers to understand and spark interest in your product or service.
  • Web Developer—A website is more than just creative copy and beautiful design. Web Developers are the people responsible for making sure your website functions properly on the front end for users and on the back end for your company. They build your site from the ground up, and work with the rest of our team to make it a lead generation machine.
  • Digital Strategist—Digital Strategists work closely with Copywriters and Web Developers to make sure your website is responsive, fast and SEO-friendly. They perform keyword research so Copywriters can incorporate highly searched terms into your main headers and within the bulk of your copy.
  • Editors—Editors are responsible for editing all content produced by Copywriters and Social Media Strategists, ensuring all the work put forth by our team on behalf of your business is professional with as few errors as possible.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Top Marketing and Sales Technology for Lead Generation

At Abstrakt, we make sure our team members are equipped with the very best technology to perform job activities and provide the best services to our clients. Our cutting-edge technology helps us manage information about our clients effectively, communicate with clients, and find the data that will help us in providing leads to clients.

We use Salesforce, a powerful cloud-based software, as our customer relationship management tool. In addition to using Salesforce as a CRM tool, we also use Pardot and Pardot is a tool that tracks customer behavior. is a data management tool we use to gain customer insight. Additionally, many of our tools are used to find you qualified leads that match your target market. From customer relationship management tools to top marketing analytics tools, we strive to offer the very best solutions.

Pipeline Technology

  • Salesforce—We use Salesforce, a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to manage data about our customers.
    • Salesforce Pardot—Pardot is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform by Salesforce. We use Pardot for lead management and tracking customer behaviors.
    • Salesforce—A data management tool we use to gain customer insight and to share contact data.
salesforce consulting partner data segmentation

Outbound Technology

  • Salesgenie—Our operations team uses Salesgenie to find you qualified leads that match your target market.
  • CloudCall—CloudCall provides computer telephony integration (CTI) from Salesforce, allowing our PSRs to call on prospects quickly using data entered into a client record.
  • D&B Hoovers—We help you grow your business faster by leveraging data and analytics from D&B Hoovers.
Outbound Marketing Tools

Inbound Technology

  • Google Ads—We use Google Ads to run pay-per-click ads for our social media clients. These online advertisements are an effective way for you to reach a larger target audience.
  • SEMrush—Our Digital Strategists use SEMrush to conduct keyword research and incorporate key words into the copy they produce for you.
  • Google Analytics—Our Digital Strategists and VMMs use Google Analytics to see metrics and track the success of our inbound partners. They can see keyword growth, page visits, data about your audience, and a number of other valuable insights.
  • Screaming Frog—The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a tool we use to crawl our clients’ websites and fetch key elements to analyze and audit technical and onsite SEO.
  • MOZ—We use MOZ for its inbound marketing and SEO tools and for the marketing analytics software it provides.
Inbound Marketing Tools

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