“I wanted to share my experiences with Abstrakt over the past 2+ years we’ve been working with them.

First a bit of background – we’ve worked with 3 tele-prospecting firms previous to Abstrakt with hit and miss results (mostly miss). Each of these firms we committed to at least 6 months before pulling the plug. With one company it started off really well, but leads quickly dried up, and the appointments we did get were clearly not our targets and not only was it a huge waste of money, but my time spent on pointless appointments. I swore off out sourcing lead generation.

I then decided to hire in house for this role – I got lucky with my first hire and had good results. We had a tenacious cold caller, and a good script, and a solid call list. We got appointments every week, closing deals – life was good.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out for the individual (won’t get into the specifics), and we had to part ways. I quickly realized that it takes a very special type of person that can keep up with the volume of calls and not get discouraged by the constant rejection. It was a bit of a revolving door and I spent an incredible amount of time sourcing/hiring/firing let alone trying to manage a sales pipeline and the operations of a growing MSP. I was pretty exasperated with the entire process, but I still believed in teleprospecting as a lead source. When it works, boy does it work! Nothing added recurring revenue like cold calling/appointment setting did.

It’s around this time that I got a call from Abstrakt – no doubt a similar pitch you all heard. After my previous experiences I swore to myself I wouldn’t go down this path, but I was at the end of my rope with hiring in house. In the end I called a few references, researched various groups, also found some mixed/negative reviews, which I felt they addressed to my satisfaction. I initially committed to a year of their program. The two times that I’ve renewed the agreement since have been the easiest decisions I’ve made in my business. Their system just plain works for us, and honestly is one of the most predictable aspects of my business. Absktrakt appointments have been the source of over $300k/year of recurring revenue to our top line since engaging with them.

Now the reality check. I don’t want to make this sound like I waltz into appointments and 30 minutes later walk out with signed agreements. We’re a team; Abstrakt passes the ball, but I got to get it in the net. I don’t think one appointment was won on the first meeting. Looking over my notes and closed opportunities the average close is 6 months, and 6-12 follow ups (phone/email/in person etc). I seem to close 1 out of every 5-6 appointments when I’m on a roll. I have a clearly defined sales process and follow it closely. I keep meticulous notes (I use Connectwise), and automated workflows (tracks) to keep in contact and follow up. It’s not unusual to sell an agreement to a prospect I met 2 years ago, it takes a lot of time to build up that pipeline.

I also took sales training that has been instrumental in turning prospects into customers. Previously I just couldn’t seem to close anything – but that’s on me, not the agency.

 Abstrakt does have loyal and happy customers and there is proof of concept. They are truly a partner in our success and the people that work there are first class, hard working and care a lot. It most certainly works for our business, with our sales process in our market.”

Andrew Lawrence, Transparent Solutions

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