client testimonials

Our Pipeline process has generated thousands of new appointments, resulting in millions of dollars in products and services sold.

Recent Sales Outsourcing Successes

Managed Service Provider

A client that has only been with Abstrakt for two months have already gained $1,000 in recurring monthly revenue. An additional opportunity is in the proposal stage for $4,000 monthly recurring revenue and that opportunity has over a 50% chance of closing. This client was founded in 1997 and had 36 clients when they partnered with Abstrakt. In just two short months Abstrakt was able to increase their client count to 38.

Mechanical Contractor

A Mechanical Contractor  has only been with Abstrakt for eight months and have already closed over $216,000 worth of business and have $180,000 out in proposals. They couldn’t be happier with the work Abstrakt has done and the overall partnership.


One of Abstrakt’s Mortgage partners has hired one LO through Abstrakt’s Loan officer recruitment program and have two potential LO’s that are close to switching.

Managed Service Provider

A Technology Solutions company recently closed three deals totaling $21,540 and have stated that there are several other proposals out that they believe will close in the next few months. So far they’ve reported that over their first year with Abstrakt they have totaled $98,015 in closed business.


In three months, Abstrakt has set a total of nine appointments for this IT client. $34,184 in proposals has resulted from just nine appointments. Six out of nine appointments resulted in a proposal. This client has already referred a client to Abstrakt because of the work they have done.

Material Handling

As of May 2015, Abstrakt has set a total of 107 appointments for this Material Handling client. The company has closed 39 deals from the appointments Abstrakt has set for them, equating to over $500,000 in new business. Additionally, they have over $300,000 pending in active proposals.