At Abstrakt Studios, we are passionate storytellers dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life.

A video is only successful if it’s seen, but views are just the start. We’ll distribute your video content to hit your targets and get the biggest bang for your budget. We understand the needs of both marketers and salespeople, so we know how to align the right solution to fit the needs of your target audience. Video search engine optimization (SEO), social integration and distribution strategy are just a few of the ways we add value for our clients. The bottom-line?

We have both the team and the talent to deliver the dynamic video content you need. There’s no challenge that we aren’t willing to take on.

With videos, you quickly convey what your core values are. You can increase exposure to potential customers by offering entertaining, educational videos that inform them about your company and help them remember your name. Video continues to take a larger and larger share of social media content.

Why should you care?

Because video is the most shared content on social media. Facebook places a higher priority on video content because they know that’s what users want. We like to share content that will entertain our friends and move them, and statistically, video has a better chance of doing that. More than links, images, or plain text, video has the best chance of getting shared by your followers.

We’re very drawn to video and will stick around to see how it plays out. While this is great for your engagement and conversion, it’s also effective for how search engines evaluate your site. Case in point, when a visitor stays on your website watching a video, Google interprets that as your site providing more value, which can boost your search rankings.

Video marketing isn’t just about intangible benefits. It can lead to a significant financial payoff. By adding a video to your landing page, you can increase brand recognition, engagement and lead generation.

Video Production

  • Pre-Production: budgeting, casting, scheduling, rentals, shot list creation to refine storyboard
  • Direction
  • Lighting
  • Video and Audio Capture

Still Photography

  • Executive portraits
  • Documentary and event photography
  • Product photography
  • Photo editing and delivery

Motion Graphics

  • Dedicated art director
  • 2D and 3D renderings
  • Adobe systems/programs


  • Professional music library
  • Professional sound/SFX library
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