The Time is Now.

There’s never been a better time in history for transitioning the world over from fossil fuels to clean and efficient energy. We educate, engage and qualify prospects to generate sales-ready leads for your solar company.

Abstrakt can help you find new customers and grow your solar business. We understand the amount of time and effort an effective lead generation strategy requires. That’s why solar companies across the nation are choosing to partner with us.  We prospect for you, and by doing so we allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while we manage your sales pipeline. We’ll keep a consistent flow of quality solar leads in your service areas going through to ensure consistent growth for your company.

Let our experience in generating qualified leads for the solar industry grow your business!

Each company is different, which is why we believe in working with you to define your ideal customer, and then using a surgical process of finding them for you. This takes a lot of stress off your sales team and gives you back the time you need to grow your business in other areas.


Lead generation experts working to find leads, so you can focus on securing them.

Abstrakt offers each partner a positive experience by offering a superior service that provides increased market share and larger profit margins. Our Outbound Lead Generation process will effectively market your firm by aggressively promoting the benefits of implementing solar to your prospects’ businesses.

A lead is more than just a lead – it’s the catalyst for your business growth.

Through appointment setting, our team works to provide introductory information about how solar energy can be valuable to each individual lead’s company. We educate about how companies can save a substantial amount of money and reduce their carbon footprint significantly by using your solar services. Abstrakt has developed strategic partnerships across the country with solar industry leaders.

Solar Panels

In the last decade, the solar industry has experienced an average annual growth rate of 59%. Business is booming – let us help you achieve that level of growth for your solar company.


We align your sales and marketing efforts to achieve optimal results.

An effective lead generation can (and dare we say, should) include a wide variety of tactics, all contributing to the same goal: converting leads. At Abstrakt, we offer a comprehensive approach to lead generation to fully align and optimize all efforts.

Our Inbound Lead Generation process follows the same ideology as our Outbound, we just work to position your company in a place where leads come to you, rather than you seeking them out. For example, we’ll use SEO to get your company ranking high in Google’s search results, so that when leads search “solar company near me,” you’re the first result.

By using marketing and sales tactics that are in sync and working together, we’ll get your business qualified solar leads.


Qualified Leads

By having high standards, a rigorous lead cleansing process and customized filters, we ensure you receive only the most qualified leads. In the cleansing phase, we conduct research to identify your target prospect, the KDM and any other esssential data.


We know that your company is not 100% identical to other solar companies we partner with. We’ll work with you to define those distinct qualities about your business, and market them to your advantage.

Communication and Feedback

Using Salesforce, you are able to review all call recordings and score them. Using this information, we’ll communicate with you to make adjustments to our approach and strategy until it’s perfected. We understand that you’re entrusting in us to represent your company well, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. 

A Proven Growth Solution

Abstrakt’s process will produce a continuous stream of candidates for your solar business. As your company grows, you can rest assured you’ll have qualified leads in your pipeline ready to partner


A partnership with Abstrakt means you’ll be getting the highest level of service. With a Partner Sales Manager and Assistant Partner Sales Manager overseeing all activity for your business, you can rest assured that any concern you may have will be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Predictable Costs

Our partners are able to establish clear budgets for our lead generation services, with no surprises or percentages taken from deals.

Save Time and Resources

With our appointment setting services, our partners can utilize their sales resources for closing the sale rather than prospecting. Our partners spend less time acquiring leads and more time getting deals. Your salespeople receive sales ready leads from us and can then focus on turning those leads into revenue.

An Increased ROI

By using Abstrakt’s services, you get experienced sales professionals in your industry prospecting for you, access to tools like Salesforce and all data managed for you. This alone is a great value for your company, but when you throw in costs such as technology and overhead – it’s an unbeatable value!

24/7 Accessibility and Transparency

With our text service, you’ll be notified of any upcoming appointments that have been scheduled, along with directions to the meeting and reminders. Your Salesforce Client Portal will be accessible to you 24/7, meaning you’ll be able to listen to call recordings, score calls and view all lead generation activity.

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