Using Your Social Media for Great PR

Any good public relations expert will tell you that effective PR is getting credit for doing the right thing in both good and bad times. Regardless of the situation, social media is a great way to get your message out and talk about things going on in your company. We’ve already talked about handling a social media crisis, but how do you handle the good things about your company?

Here are a few key items you can do to generate a positive image for your company on social media:

Culture. Culture. Culture. Even everyday occurrences in your office can be a unique and fun way to highlight the work you do. Use social media to give a “behind the scenes” look at your company. By showing off the culture, people will feel more connected with your business. These “behind the scenes” looks can also create a wonderful opportunity to engage consumers in conversations about your business.

Show what you did. Did your company donate to a charitable cause? A group of employees donate their free time to a worthy cause? Show it off! You may feel like this seems boastful; however, talking about the good you do is very important. Not only does it improve the image of your brand, but it also gives attention to the charity or worthy cause your company is connected with! socialmedia

Give credit where credit is due. Did an employee go above and beyond for a client? Talk them up on your social media! Employees are the face of your company and brand – showing them off on social media not only gives your brand a face, but it lets consumers know that you truly value your employees. At the same time, this helps employees feel valued. Why is this important? Because employees are your secret PR weapon.

One company that has recently benefited from the actions of an employee is Ruby Tuesday. If you look at the company’s Twitter account, you see plenty of self-promotional tweets talking about their products, but one tweet has led to some positive publicity for the restaurant chain. If you haven’t heard about the story yet, a Ruby Tuesday’s waitress named Sarah recently paid for the meal of two furloughed soldiers during the government shutdown. The note she left them ended up getting posted by both the New Hampshire National Guard and Ruby Tuesday’s. As a result, it eventually led to her being interviewed by many news organizations and talk shows. While the interviews focused on the actions of the waitress, Ruby Tuesday was able to be mentioned in a positive way in all of the news stories. In her most recent appearance on the daytime talk show “Ellen”, Sarah even went out her way to talk positively about the company. One small action by an employee that got social media play led to an amazing amount of positive news coverage for Ruby Tuesday.

So whether you post a nice note your employee left a customer or just talk about everyday office occurrences, social media is a great way to inform consumers of the great things your company is doing. You never know how the smallest act of kindness can be used to engage consumers and lead to boost in your brand’s image and public perception.