Turn that frown upside down- Responding to bad reviews.

Keeping your reputation intact isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, but it is necessary. A bad reputation will drive away prospects and cost you a lot of money. Hearing this may lead you to believe that negative reviews are all bad but in reality, if handled correctly, they can work to your advantage. Here are some tips on responding to negative reviews.

Respond quickly. The quicker the response, the better. Angry customers hold grudges. You can count on them to share their negative experience with the web as soon as it occurs. They‘ll be upset so they will look to talk to their friends. In order to cut down on the amount of people they speak with, respond quicker. The customer will also appreciate a quick response rather than no response or one that takes weeks.

Apologize. When beginning a conversation with an upset customer, apologize. Whether or not they were wrong is beside the point. As the age old saying goes, the customer is always right. A genuine apology is a good first step in resolving the conflict.

Thank the customer for the review. This may sound odd, but the customer is actually doing you a favor by writing that negative review. They are giving you a second chance at serving them the right way. This opportunity will allow you to resolve the issue and possibly save a client relationship.

Don’t make excuses. The customer doesn’t care why or what their issue with your company. Get as much information as possible from the customer regarding their experience and begin making amends.

State clearly how you will fix the problem. Give the customer a clear outline of how you will fix the issue. They will be interested in what’s to come.

Apologize and thank the customer again. They took the time to write a review and granted you a second chance to showcase your customer service. Make sure they know you appreciate that.

Use this review for the future. These reviews can give provide insight as to what aspects of your business need fine tuning. The customers will tell you what they want. Use reviews to give customers exactly what they are looking for and your business will surely grow.

Reputation management is not something that should be taken lightly. A solid reputation management strategy can make all the difference in the world.