To Those of You Who Think Social Media is Ineffective When It Comes to Sales, You’re Wrong

You may think that we’d have moved past the days of people claiming that social media is a fad or trend, past the claims that social media has zero impact on sales, but unfortunately, we have not.  One of the number one arguments we encounter with potential social media clients is their belief that social media is ineffective when it comes to sales. To those that make such claims I ask you this: are email and direct mail campaigns ineffective when it comes to sales as well?

Social media works in similar ways as the other mediums previously mentioned. Is someone going to visit your Facebook page and sign up for your service or purchase? Probably not, but that shouldn’t be your expectation, either. Social media can have large impacts on purchases and brand following; however, it is more indirect than other mediums. If your efforts behind your company’s social media marketing are to use it as a direct sales channel, then you truly deserve to be disappointed. Like other nurturing platforms such as email, social media can help you convert people from liking your brand to loving your brand. It’s a platform that builds your brand following and encourages brand loyalty. It is a platform that should be used to support all other marketing efforts, and it does in a variety of ways that no other platform can.

Social media is not a direct response sales channel, you would be correct about that – particularly in the B2B space. But the truth is it’s not supposed to be, and you need it just the same. There’s nothing that social media can’t help your brand achieve however, if you continue to look at it as a black and white solution, it will never assist you in accomplishing the success you’re striving for.