The Social Media Shake Up


Facebook is always on the move. They must stay relevant with current trends and changes within the social media industry. Any slight slip and they could lose it all. There is so much competition that it could easily be over taken as the top dog if it hasn’t already. The latest tweaks that Facebook has made to the website caused many brands to worry that their posts would go unseen. This scared many companies and may have even prompted some to abandon using Facebook as a means of connecting to their followers. New data has come to light that may just have you rethinking all that.

Socialbakers research has turned up results that have caused some commotion on Facebook. Initially most research companies had found that brand views and interaction had decreased significantly. This was due to Facebook’s new features of hiding posts and showing relevant items within people’s newsfeeds. Socialbakers though, disagrees with the conventional conclusion. They looked at 3 million of the biggest brands that use Facebook as a means of communication. Brands have had a substantial increase in interactions and media pages had an even larger one since the beginning of the year. This is attributed to the content quality. Obviously, the better the quality of posts you produce, the more likely it is to be seen.

Although this is just one company’s opinion, it is interesting to see that there is contradicting data. We can all agree that Facebook is going nowhere. They are here to stay. If utilized correctly it can be a great tool to keep in touch with followers who love your business. The main idea is to publish good content that is interesting. Something that people want to see and show other people will get the views you desire.