The New Way to Market on LinkedIn

Most marketers and business owners know by now that LinkedIn is one of the best places to run B2B digital advertising campaigns for a product or service. Advertisements that we as B2B marketers create are meaComputer Unsplash | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutionsnt just for generating leads, and we can often forget the importance of building relationships with our audience and nurturing through our advertisements.

Advertising through storytelling is a great way to build meaningful relationships with our audience. After all, storytelling is an ancient part of our human nature and a great way to help brands stand out in the minds of audience members. Compelling stories draw potential customers and are more easily remembered than statistics.

If you’re looking for a way to better engage with your audience in your digital marketing strategy, check out LinkedIn’s new feature. LinkedIn Ads now has a carousel ad format designed exactly for this type of content marketing. Users will now be able to more effectively tackle storytelling through advertisements with LinkedIn Ads’ carousel for Sponsored Content. This new feature allows users to have multiple visuals that users can swipe through on their LinkedIn feed which is much more engaging than the current ads featured on LinkedIn.

Carousel | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsLinkedinad | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

With LinkedIn’s carousel ads, the options are just about limitless.


Here are three objectives that can be met using the new format:


#1 Tell a brand’s story.

Each carousel ad enables up to 10 customizable cards to be featured for users to swipe through. This allows more content to be shared without overloading the audience with multiple posts overloaded with information. LinkedIn users are more likely to swipe through the carousel and interact with a brand more with this offering. With the carousel ad, a more in-depth story can be told about a brand or a single offering, industry insights can be shared, and multiple offerings can be showcased all at once.

#2 Command the attention of an audience.

Carousel ads will stand out on users’ news feeds because of their interactiveness and inclusion of impressive visuals. The swipe-through capabilities allow users on both mobile and desktop to share the experience and easily engage with a brand. The advertisements also allow a company to show off brand personality and relate to the audience. This draws the audience in and helps them find a connection with the brand, as well as offer a more productive user experience.

#3 Meet business goals.

Since LinkedIn carousel ads are completely customizable, they can easily adapt to any marketing objectives. These ads also allow companies to raise brand awareness, send traffic to multiple landing pages, and seamlessly generate quality leads with Lead Gen Forms.

As marketers, we know that our success depends on the ability to prove ROI through several metrics. In addition to standard metrics like click-through rates and number of leads generated, clicks and impressions by individual card can also be viewed.

Let’s take a step by step look at how creating a carousel ad works.


Step 1:Step 1 | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

First, visit LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions page from a company account. There is a lot of information for use on this page, such as how a company page and its advertisements are performing. This blog post example is for creating a carousel ad though, so go ahead and click the blue button on the middle of the screen. This will show the company page link. After clicking, select “Create campaign” in the upper righthand corner.


Step 2:

Step 2 | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

That will direct users to this screen. Here users can explore different types of advertisements that could be beneficial to the company. There are three categories of ads to choose from here that have different objectives like promoting content, directing traffic to a specific site, and sending targeted messages to specific users. For carousel ads, select Sponsored Content to promote content with targeted native advertising. After selecting Sponsored Content, there are just five easy steps to successfully create a carousel advertisement.


Step 3:

Step 3 | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

Next, name the campaign. This is only for personal use as the campaign names are not publicly displayed. It is meant to help a company manage multiple campaigns that are running simultaneously. Then, select the objective of the campaign like sending leads to a landing page, collecting leads, or getting more views on a video. Finally, choose the format of the advertisement.


Step 4:

Step 4 | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

Now, the fun part- creating the carousel! First name the carousel (again, for personal use only) and add introductory text which is a description for the ad that will display at the top of the carousel. Since the aim of this example carousel is is to collect leads, the ad will direct back to a specific website. Here the text, photos, and descriptions show up in the carousel to give an idea of how the final product will look. The carousel can be anywhere from 2-10 cards, so the message can be as simple or complex as needed.


Step 5: All done!

After completing the deck and feeling satisfied with the final product, move on and see the preview of how everything will look. LinkedIn shows what users will see when they click on the ad and how it diverts leads to the website.


Of course, there is so much more that can be done for a brand’s social media aside from this new, eye-catching feature. Having an arsenal of creative content for all social media platforms, as well as working on the brand’s search engine optimization can really improve the brand’s social media marketing strategy. If your company is interested in learning more about how to easily generate qualified leads, revamp social media sites, and grow business all at the cost of less than one full-time employee, then let’s chat today! Our contact information can be found here.